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Your Trusted Partner for Agile Digital Transformation Solutions

Three decades and counting, our clients have relied on us to architect, design and deliver modern technology solutions that have improved the lives of millions of citizens and customers. All this work is creating a positive business impact. With digital solutions constituting more than 60% of our business, we are emerging as one of the Enterprise Digital Transformation leaders.

What do we do?

We specialise in building, maintaining and managing bespoke digital solutions for clients in Government, Health, Retail, and, Financial Services. Typically, the applications we build tend to have dynamically evolving requirements that are difficult to pin down and specify clearly, upfront. They also tend to be complex, and sometimes very large, requiring multiple points of integration with the clients’ enterprise applications landscape.

Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence

To serve our client's diverse needs, we've created dedicated Centres of Excellence (CoE). These CoE are focussed on honing our expertise in Agile Applications Development, Next Generation Service Management, Enterprise Testing, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, Digitalisation, Legacy Rejuvenation and Modernisation.

How are we different?

We have the innate ability to listen deeply for customer-specific and industry-wide challenges and technology opportunities. We then craft insightful solutions to address these situations, which is what differentiates us from our competitors.

Our customers value our open and collaborative culture, which makes it easier for them to engage with us. Our Project Management methods and techniques have been pressure-tested and honed over hundreds of complex programmes. More recently, we are increasingly focussing on using lean, agile methodologies -- not just in application development, but across the entire enterprise.

This unique blend of insightful 'solutioning'; collaboration; and, pressure-tested project management methods has enabled us to deliver an unusually high programme success rate over the past 33 years. We've dedicated the 'Our Impact' track of this site to describing some of our recent impact stories.

Our Promise :
Enabling your Vision to Come to Life

Gary Bowles Mastek client "Mastek. They never let you down"
- Gary Bowles, Mastek client

Our clients rely on us to enable strategic, future-critical applications where the challenges are not well-defined. These are generally areas where they aim to stay ahead of traditional competitors, as also nimbler e-commerce upstarts, through innovative, highly differentiated approaches.

Some clients may want to delight their digitally savvy citizens and customers who expect to be served through a channel of choice – smartphone, web, voice call, chat or video, at a time of day/day of week convenient to them. While others may be enabling straight-through processing, bringing new efficiencies and higher levels of quality to internal operations. They may want to mine data in real time – to generate new customer insights. By their very nature, these areas need specialised, bespoke applications and not off-the-shelf packages. These are the applications that fall within our sweet spot.

Tried and Tested Value Delivery

Mastek has a long and successful record of delivering bespoke applications. Our collaborative engagement model works well for discovering and finalising the vision and scope of the proposed solution – through an iterative process. Our enterprise agile method delivers releases every three months. It has been tested over several large transformation programmes, to generate early business value. Our commitment to business outcomes and client success, rather than mere project deliverables, ensures that our team is focused on value delivery.

At Mastek, we not only aim to delight our customers, we aspire to build advocates for life. We take pride in the knowledge that over 75% of the opportunities we bid for last year came through existing and past customer referrals.

Our Ideals : Building an Evergreen Institution

Our aspiration is for Mastek to be an admired, evergreen institution, not just a successful company. We believe that every organisation needs ideals to aspire to – ideals that stand the test of time. Our ideals are:

Evergreen Institution
Corporate Responsibility
Winning For All
Meaningful Culture

Mastek is not just a company, but an institution with a ‘soul’, seeking to make a valuable difference in the world. Mastek believes that sustained contribution and a spotless reputation over the long term are more important than short-term growth and profits.

Mastek takes 100% responsibility for providing insightful solutions. Using modern platforms that enhance agility and responsiveness we quickly assimilate new technologies and take pride in our work - underpinning the solutions we deliver.

Mastek is committed to the success of every stakeholder, without trading off anyone’s interest against one another. We're committed to building long-term relationships that win the hearts and minds of those it touches.

Mastek embraces collaboration as the means to solving complex problems. Openness, mutual respect and teamwork within both the company and clients. Collaboration is enhanced with our simple, sincere and straightforward approach to work and relationships.

Mastek 4.0: Unleashing Our True Potential

Our latest transformation programme initiated in 2014, Mastek 4.0, has fundamentally changed our structure and practices. It empowers employees across the organisation to deliver innovation and add value; whilst enhancing the engagement with our clients. Early feedback from both Mastekeers and customers ensures that we stay on the right path.

Mastek 4.0 Programme Objectives

  • 100% of our customers should delight in our solutions, such that they advocate us within their network
  • We have an abundance of highly engaged and talented Mastekeers
  • We build a strong reputation in the markets we serve
  • We grow faster than the industry, in a profitable manner
  • We build/harvest IP from our projects and contribute significantly to the Open Source movement
  • We are a role model in Enterprise Agility

Freedom to Grow

In a fundamental and widespread set of changes, we’ve eliminated several layers of management. Just three layers separate the CEO from frontline developers. Instead of a command and control based hierarchical structure, the entire company is organised as self-managed teams. They are free to set their own goals in line with the objectives mentioned above. With no bosses to supervise them, individual Mastekeers are expected to take charge of their own development, and are assessed by peers on the team. They can choose the mentors that they would work with for their own development. Almost all approvals and controls are eliminated in an environment based on trust and self-governance.

Freedom to Grow

Account based teams replace centralised delivery teams, as the primary owners of customer success. Account Leadership Teams (ALT), Programme Leadership Teams (PLT) and Project Execution/Scrum Teams (PET) are the three levels of delivery, mapping to different levels within our client organisation and accountable for different aspects of the programme. With Mastek 4.0, every Mastekeer, starting from the CEO, has a clear customer facing role. This has helped increase our customer engagement scores from 5/7 to 5.5/7 this year.

Nine months into its implementation, we see tremendous energy, enthusiasm, creativity and drive across the board.“I see a highly charged and motivated Mastek team as compared to last year”, says Doug Kleppen, CIO of IPF. “Mastek 4.0 is a very bold transformation. I would like to see common goals being set between us and Mastek”, says, Steve Law, a long term customer and Solutions Director at Capita.

Our Leadership : At your service

Mastek promotes individual and collective responsibility for achieving success. Guided by its vision, a high level of teamwork is achieved across its globally distributed teams through inspired leadership, clarity of individual roles and a constant flow of communication and knowledge.

Joe Venkataraman
Quick Facts
  • Joined Mastek in 1990
  • Has 30+ years IT industry experience
  • Holds a PhD in Operations Research and Finance, and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from India.
  • He is an ardent admirer of tactical plays in football, and an avid Chelsea fan
  • An exceptional Carrom player in his youth, he opened and finished the board on several occasions, and represented his college at various tournaments

Joe spearheaded Mastek operations in the UK way back in the nineties. As the Chairman of Mastek UK, he holds responsibility for long-term strategy, UK P&L and ensuring the continued health and viability of the operation.

Joe has a flair for constructing win-win commercial propositions backed by operational excellence. He has been instrumental in building a strong and loyal client and partner base in the UK. Several of whom have worked with the company for over 15 years. He has held various positions across the company including Regional Head and MD of UK Operations.

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Ben Davison
Quick Facts
  • Joined Mastek in 2010
  • Voted Mastek's most inspiring leader in 2012
  • Holds an MA in French and German from Cambridge University
  • Began his management career at 18 as a manager at McDonalds, to finance his further education
  • Spent a year abroad teaching a new generation of French school children to speak English with a strong Yorkshire accent

As Joint Managing Director, Ben is jointly responsible for the achievement of Mastek UK’s strategic plans. He manages the UK P&L and develops the organisation for long term, successful growth. He also spearheads the growth of several major Mastek accounts. This includes enabling customers improve the effectiveness of their programme delivery and providing them support with defining their IT strategies and roadmaps.

After completing his graduate scheme at Deloitte Consulting, Ben spent 7 years at specialist programme management consultancy, i3IT working on major transformation programmes for BT and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). During his time there, Ben held senior positions working on BT’s large programmes for the NHS, where his responsibilities ranged from technology strategy and supplier management to software development. Ben has worked as a customer of Mastek since 2002. It was the personal relationships that he built during this period and the organisational culture that convinced him to get on board.

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Prahlad Koti
Quick Facts
  • Joined Mastek as a trainee in 1991
  • Worked at Mastek UK since 1995
  • Holds an MBA from the London Business School and B.E. (Computer Science) degree from the University of Mysore, India
  • A foodie, he loves cooking new dishes and inflicting them on family and friends
  • Enjoys playing badminton, cricket and chess

As Joint Managing Director, Prahlad is jointly responsible for the achievement of Mastek UK’s strategic plans. He manages the UK P&L and develops the organisation for long term, successful growth. He also leads Mastek's Government and Healthcare business in the UK.

Prahlad brings all-round expertise to the company’s operations, having held various roles across the business including delivery, solutions and sales. He has over two decades of experience in delivering innovative solutions, ensuring sustainable growth and business benefit for some of Mastek's large client engagements. He is excited by the additional strategic opportunities presented by industries moving to new engagement models based on agility and business value delivery.

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Andy Hicketts
Quick Facts
  • Joined Mastek in 2012
  • Holds a Degree in Computer Science from Coventry University
  • Member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Information Technology Professional
  • Enjoys London, eating out, strong coffee and family duties
  • Formerly played most sports, which he now enjoys viewing from his armchair

Andy leads Mastek’s Retail business in the UK. He is responsible for driving growth across existing and new customer accounts. He has around 30 years of experience in the IT sector, of which 20 years were in Retail.

Prior to joining Mastek, Andy was Client Services Director at Paul Mason Consulting, responsible for Retail sales growth. In his past roles, he held senior IT delivery positions within the Kingfisher and Kesa Retail Groups, delivering multi-channel solutions to meet demanding business needs. He was responsible for delivering the European MIS Systems at Apple Computers and has worked in various IT roles within the Banking sector and the Lloyds Insurance Market.

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Anant Thakrar
Quick Facts
  • Joined Mastek in 2004
  • Qualified FCMA Accountant
  • Holds an MBA from Henley Management College
  • An avid cyclist, he also plays badminton and is honing his golfing skills
  • A family guy, he delights in looking after the kids, in short bursts though

Anant is responsible for financial, statutory and commercial matters relating to Mastek’s UK business. He has over 20 years of wide ranging, industry experience. This includes financial management for the EMEA operations of US hi-tech companies. Anant has also managed high profile, large scale construction projects, most notably The HK airport project. He also has hands-on experience in financial management for business start-ups and SME’s.

Anant has held leadership positions in the UK and internationally across the software & IT services industries, as well as the manufacturing and construction sectors. He also serves as a member on the Board of Directors of Legal Practice Technologies (LPT) a JV between The Law Society and Mastek.

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Nigel Heller
Quick Facts
  • Joined Mastek in 2015
  • Has worked in the BFSI sector since 1998
  • Enjoys attending music concerts from the 70s and 80s
  • Rides a Harley Davidson, as he feels he’s too old to ride sports bikes

Nigel leads the Financial Services vertical at Mastek where he is responsible for its growth initiatives, including key customer and industry relationships. Prior to joining Mastek, Nigel worked at CSC as an Offering Principle, and at Barclays RBB in the UK and Africa.

He was actively involved in delivering a new front office branch system and a new debit card platform for Barlcays, as well as a comprehensive banking solution for FRB in SA, and a CRM solution for SEB in Sweden to name a few. He has also worked for BancTec as sales director in the UK.

In the past, Nigel handled sales and marketing operations in the UK, Ireland and EMEA across software solutions and services. He has worked as sales and marketing director for Eontec and Finatix, both J2EE banking component front office software companies in the EMEA.

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Hiren Shah
Quick Facts
  • Joined Mastek as a campus recruit in 1989
  • Holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Mumbai
  • In his spare time, Hiren enjoys watching Bollywood films and playing chess, cricket and volley balls

Hiren leads Mastek’s ‘Centres of Excellence,’ which is a knowledge powerhouse across varied technology areas. He established the first technology engineering practice at Mastek where he was instrumental in driving innovation. Rising through the ranks, Hiren has spearheaded several divisions over the years including the technology cell in the US and the enterprise architecture/programme management start-up.

An expert at troubleshooting several Government contracts in the UK, Hiren also scales up delivery operations in the U.S. He drives innovation across big data, IoT and analytics, implementing newer technologies to help customers gain substantial business value.

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Our history: Ready for tomorrow since 1982

Sudhakar Ram takes us through a brief timeline of the company.

Sudhakar Ram Sudhakar Ram
Co-Founder and CEO of Mastek

The choices we made over the last 32 years have shaped who we are today. The idea of Mastek took seed in the dormitories of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Ashank Desai, Ketan Mehta and R. Sundar were batch-mates in the class of 1979. They didn’t fancy a corporate career after graduation, and wanted to be entrepreneurs. Upon graduation, they explored several options, but did not pursue any. Sundar, having joined an IT firm after graduation, weighed in with the idea of starting a software house – deciding to dive in by quitting his job. The other two soon joined him, risking a regular monthly salary for the thrill and excitement of a start-up. The year was 1982 and Mastek was born.

When Technology Took Toddler Steps

Mastek Team

From left to right - Ashank Desai, Ketan Mehta, Sudhakar Ram and R. Sundar

All the founders were excited about the impact of technology on businesses. These were early days. Organisations were fascinated by the potential of technology, but were unclear about its application for business advantage. Technologists, on the other hand, did not fully understand the business challenges and opportunities, so as to leverage the new capabilities that they could offer organisations.

With the background of the founders, Mastek was in a unique position to be a bridge between business and technology – architecting, designing and delivering solutions that transformed the way these organisations worked. I graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta in 1982, and was hired to start a systems department for Rediffusion Advertising, a hot shot creative agency in those times. Mastek came strongly recommended and I decided to hire them to build our first generation of IT systems. That started my association with Mastek. By 1984, I decided that being on the vendor side was far more exciting and joined Mastek, as a part of the founding team and board member.

Mastek’s very first engagement for the Indian operation of a US multinational, was a decision support system that helped them generate an optimum production plan for a highly seasonal product – Vicks Vaporub. Serving the Indian market in the 80’s and early 90’s helped us engage with many first-generation, greenfield IT applications for multinationals and domestic corporations across a wide range of industry verticals. We learnt how to create the solution vision, working collaboratively with immature, yet demanding, first-time users. We learnt to architect, design, deliver and deploy applications on several generations of technology platforms and tools. The market was extremely price-sensitive and demanded fixed-price projects even though the requirements were fairly open and evolving. We built our estimation models, leveraging data over hundreds of projects, and learnt how to deliver projects under stringent time and cost constraints.

Making Quality Investments

Old Kits

During the 80s and 90’s, other Indian players were focused on building an international business, especially in the US. Their route to entry was onsite staffing – exposing the large US companies to the quality of Indian technology professionals. As the Y2K problem started looming large, many of these companies managed to move the remediation effort offshore, at a fraction of the cost. The investments that Indian IT firms made in quality – with ISO and CMM certifications well ahead of our American and European counterparts – helped establish India as a preferred destination for offshore programming.

Mastek made similar investments in quality processes and certifications in the 90’s, as we started expanding beyond India to the Asia-Pacific, USA and UK. Unlike other Indian firms that expanded through body shopping, offshore maintenance and Y2K; at Mastek, we remained focused on building new technology applications – leveraging the capabilities we built in serving our Indian customers. However, building new applications offshore, for customers located thousands of miles away was a challenge. We, therefore, created robust CMM Level 5 compliant, development and project management processes in order to successfully deliver full life cycle application development projects, remotely. During the 90’s, we built a successful business delivering client-server and web technology projects on a fixed price to customers in diverse industries – technology, manufacturing, utilities, shipping, financial services, insurance, local government – across the US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia and India.

Pioneering Products

Pioneering Products

We were one of the pioneers in developing products for the Indian market, starting with PC-based products and evolving into ERP solutions in the early 90’s, with VC funding. We had our IPO in 1992, generating more than 20 times return to our venture capitalist. Although, we decided to exit the products business in India in the mid-90’s – due to lack of scale and international competition – this capability served us well in building a successful insurance products business, over the last 10 years.

We now have an industry leading (cited by analyst firms Gartner, Celent and Novarica) P&C billing and policy administration system for the US market. In addition, our Life policy administration systems serve the individual and group segments in Asia, UK and the US. Given that the Insurance Products and service business requires a different focus and levels of investment than Mastek’s application development/solutions business, we decided to demerge the insurance business from Mastek into a new entity called Majesco in 2014. The demerger was completed earlier this year in July.

Cutting through Competition

Cutting through Competition

Coming back to our core solutions business, the turning point for us was in 2001. Capita, a large UK based BPO firm we worked with since 1995, engaged us in the bid process for the London Congestion Charging scheme (LCC). We successfully demonstrated a working prototype of the software during the bake-off with another competitor, eventually winning the bid. Stringent penalties were in place for delays. But, Mastek delivered the project on time, over a period of 18 months. The scheme went live as planned, on the 17th of February, 2003 with hardly any glitches. This programme tested us on all fronts – new technology, new application domain, strict deadlines – as a result, we grew significantly, in capability and confidence.

BT Syntegra – now known as BT Global Services planned to bid for the humongous National Health Service programme in 2003. It needed application development partners for building some key systems. Impressed by our success with the LCC, BT invited us to join their consortium, for the Spine. A central messaging and data warehousing system, the Spine would hold the summary health records of all UK citizens. The BT consortium won this bid and Mastek was involved in delivering and maintaining several applications for the NHS Spine over the next decade – involving over 130 deliveries during the project phase – each delivered on time and within budget.

Only recently, the UK government decided not to pursue major system integrators for large 100 million+ programmes. Instead, it opted to initiate smaller programmes with small, medium providers through procurement platforms like the G-Cloud and GDS. This plays well to Mastek’s strengths. We have enrolled on the G-Cloud and GDS, winning key projects with the HSCIC and the Home Office. Our untiring efforts at applying lean, agile methods to large, transformation programmes is an investment that is paying off on most of the government projects. Mastek also leverages the ability to deliver bespoke solutions around new technology and agile platforms for customers across the retail, financial services and other verticals.

Formula for Success

Formula for Success

Our core capabilities – the ability to collaboratively create insightful solutions; our expertise in architecting, designing and delivering applications across technology platforms; and our programme and project management experience built over hundreds of complex applications delivered over the 30+ years - is what differentiates us even today. This formula is helping us deliver a success percentage rate of 95+ on large, complex programmes – in an industry which has a percentage rate that is lower than 35 for large programme delivery.