Can digital transformation help integrate your company into the core of your customer’s lifestyle? Yes, by aligning your products and services with your customer’s desire to access them. You can create exceptional customer experiences for existing customers and attractive solutions for prospective customers.

Driving Digitalisation Journey
Business Technologist for Digital Transformation

Business Technologist for Digital Transformation

Over the past three decades we have helped our customers keep pace with the ever-changing demands of their marketplace. It is our deep understanding of technology combined with our domain expertise that allows us to deliver constant quality improvements and to help you on your digital transformation journey.

We know how to retain our customers. Over 85 percent of our revenues come from existing clients, and it’s been the case for over twenty years. Our deep domain expertise speeds up the delivery of change across:

Commercial Lending
Payday Lending
Vehcile Leasing
Wealth Management
Invest Management

We have delivered digital transformation programmes including customer-centric portals, field workforce automation and digital tools for IFA’s. Working as your integration and development partner, we develop your digital strategy and journey roadmap, all the while ensuring that your customer is at the core.

Our focus is on exploiting technology capabilities to accelerate your ROI and operational efficiency, reduce costs, manage enterprise risk and regulatory compliance.

The value added services we deliver to customers through the Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) are often dependent on analytics, business intelligence and well architected data warehousing capabilities. These services take advantage of structured, unstructured and real time data sources based on the customer journey use case.

Your Financial Services customers should benefit from exceptional customer experiences through the delivery of the following services including:

- Community banking etc.
- real time fraud management etc.
- predictive etc.
- location-based offers etc.
- currency ordering etc.

Mastek’s BI & Analytics Offerings

Mobile Strategy
Incremental Build
Big Data & Analytics
Value Through Processes

Underpin Customer Experience with Insight

Great customer experience can only be delivered through the insight that businesses have on customers. These results can be achieved through effective analytics, BI and warehousing capabilities.

For instance, the customer’s geo location could be leveraged to deliver community-based banking experiences. Analytical models and geo-location spotting can prevent potentially fraudulent transactions through effectively using mobile technology.

Omnichannel Awarenes

With clients rarely visiting their branch, the use of data insight and mobile delivery is critical for delivering both, traditional transactional and value-added services. As an example, linking a bank’s wealth management and SME-based clients for mutual benefit in a way the Branch Manager of 50 years ago once did is perfectly doable today.

Beyond Insight to Value

If banks want to consider charging customers for such value-added services they must look beyond transactional banking offerings. Once customer insight is achieved, our Intelligent Integration platform:

- Identifies appropriate digital channels to interface with and deliver value
- Helps define customer relationship, advocacy and brand image

Increasing regulation is also driving a clear distinction between Investment banking and the rest of the banks activities. As such, client revenue within the Retail, SME and Corporate banking sectors will gain greater focus. Which is why, the ability to differentiate through price or rates for traditional banking is extremely limited. Therefore, value added services will be crucial to allowing banks to drive client revenue and retention.

Revenue Generation Opportunities

By leveraging the combination of analytical capabilities with Intelligent Integration to deliver value added services, financial services institutions can consider revenue generation opportunities.

For example, in driving client stickiness and building a range of value added services, financial service organisations can think about different Subscription Banking and Wealth Management offerings.

Such offerings could attract different charge models based on selectable services. As an example, using community banking, banks can identify charging models for introductory business to their SME clients or peer group analytical and marketing services. Under the PSD2 regulatory changes banks can become service aggregators to attract new clients whilst building stickiness with existing ones by adding to a package of chargeable services

Accelerate Customer Acquisition

Whether it is helping develop innovative mortgage finance services, creating superior customer journeys or providing flexible offerings, we use our mortgage technology to drive digital connections at Mastek.

Third Party Integration

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Land Registry

We work on compliance concerns to create customer nurturing and retention programmes that help achieve customer stickiness.

Mortgage Subject Matter Experts

Mastek has domain expertise and direct experience in the Mortgage Finance industry. We specialise in:

- Customer retention programmes
- Regulatory compliance viz. EU Mortgage Credit Directives and the Consumer Credit Directives

Adaptive Solutions Optimise Customer Retention

An increased market demand for digital capabilities is necessitating a greater emphasis on customer experience to drive innovation in this sector.

At Mastek, our solutions address key regulatory and compliance requirements. Both of which, underpin sophisticated customer nurturing and retention programmes that help achieve customer stickiness in a competitive and increasingly commoditised market.

Driving Digital Connections

Creating Innovative
Seamless Customer
User Journey
Mobility Solutions

Third Party Integration

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Auto Leasing Subject Matter Experts

Mastek has a strong track record in auto leasing. We bring deep domain expertise to help our Automotive Finance, Leasing & Fleet Management clients with the complex challenges they face. Our expertise lies in supporting complex customer retention programmes in a highly regulated, increasingly converging Retail (B2C) & Fleet (B2B) market.

Take the example of a UK top 10 Leasing company with significant growth aspirations. We recently delivered a solution to streamline and improve its customer retention processes across its multiple value propositions, customer segments & channels to market - including ensuring compliance to stringent FCA & DPA regulations.

Enterprises that adapt are those that will thrive in this age of digital disruption. We help organisations conduct operations from anywhere, anytime and on any device by optimising mobile solutions for business processes.

Acheive Early ROI

Enhance Customer Engagement
Increase Channel Growth
Enpowering Employees

Overcome Mobility Challenges

Many organisations have to address issues related to Bring Your Own Device (BOYD), dealing with multiple platforms, data security issues, data integrity issues, online/offline challenges and many more.

Mastek can help you overcome these challenges by delivering a comprehensive mobile solution that:

- Utilises open source hybrid tech and native apps
- Analyses business processes
- Assesses architecture requirements
- Delivers user experience design
- Provides built-in mobile analytics
- Ensures data security, integrity and performance
- Seamlessly integrates with transaction systems

Mastek Enterprise Mobile Services

Mastek Enterprise Mobile Services
  • Mobile App development services
  • Business Process Assessment Services
  • Architecture Assessment Services
  • Mobile Architecture Consulting
  • User Experience Design Services
  • Mobile Analytics

Mobile Apps for Financial Services

Mobile Apps for Financial Services
  • Agent Collection and Money Balancing App
  • Agent Loan Sales App
  • Mobile analytics dashboard
  • Mobile BI dashboard
  • Spend analytics App
  • Community banking App

Disruptive digital technology and access to internet connectivity create new digital business models in the Wealth Management industry. This offers opportunities for new and existing firms to enhance their client propositions.

As a result, a new generation of investors are provided with propositions that align with their digital maturity. They seek solutions that:

- Provide transparent, real time accurate information
- Offer quick turnaround time
- Deliver straight-through processing for requests raised

Established Wealth Management firms and Banks must embrace digital offerings to compete with new and exciting digital propositions from competition. Based upon Mastek’s experience, the wealth management industry is now focussed on using the digital technologies to:


Mastek brings immense knowledge in the wealth management domain to support your digital strategy. Our digital offerings can support you to achieve visions of digital strategy across:


Mastek Wealth Management Offerings

Mastek Wealth Management Offerings
  • IT landscape digital maturity assessment
  • Front end apps for prospects, clients, advisors
  • Back office apps supporting advisors, para-planners and other stakeholders
  • Reporting apps supporting back office users, advisors and clients
  • Independent testing across front office, back office and reporting apps
  • Digital social ear for marketing, fund managers and advisors

Moving fast is crucial, especially when everyone is trying to keep pace with competition and trying to exploit market opportunities. Mastek has a proven track record of delivering large change volumes at short-notice whilst ensuring high quality and stability to existing IT systems.

Business as Usual with Agile Management

We keep the lights on using agile software development methods for complex IT change processes. This includes adopting agile practices such as:

- Test automation
- Deployment automation
- Continuous integration

ITIL Certified Professionals

Provide 2nd, 3rd 4th line application support services

Managed Services

Our managed service offerings address your business hours and out-of-office support needs. We provide 24x7 support across:

- Multiple support centres
- Different time zones

Mastek Service Management Offerings

Mastek Service Management Offerings
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Service Requests Management
  • Service Improvement Plans
  • Knowledge Management
  • Release Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Service Transition
  • Service Reporting

We provide regular service management reporting and review our performance against comprehensive SLAs & KPIs to drive continuous improvement. We target an annual reduction of incident volume.

Our tried and tested service transition process ensures that the service team understands the system sufficiently to switch over without service disruption.

Artur Trzeciak

Artur Trzeciak

Group Service Delivery Head, International Personal Finance

“Reliability of IT services is critical across IPF markets. A commitment to the highest quality of service is what we have witnessed from Mastek for many years now.”

Reduce Costs , Increase Quality with Automation

We have an unenviable track record for testing programme delivery and customer advocacy. Focusing on automation, we accelerate delivery, quality and repeatability to advocate the right mix of manual and automated scripts that work best for your system and business. We demonstrate this across various customer engagements - achieving a 45% savings against traditional testing methods.

Automated Testing Processes


Reduced TCO and Resource Dependencies

We combine automation techniques with data anonymisation tools to help customers deliver:

  • Improved quality – no room for human error
  • Lower risk – as code is tested immediately
  • Reduced cost – fewer resources required to maintain testing operations
  • Improved time to market – immediate release programme

Data De-sensitising

Our proprietary tools enable customers to use production-like data in the test environment without risking loss of personal data.

We have world-class processes for pseudonymising personal information in test databases using anonymisation or pseudonymisation data masking techniques.

Masking Software

Our masking software speedily desensitises test databases by replacing existing sensitive information with other values that may appear real, but are actually artificial. All of this is achieved through a user interface based configuration and without writing a single line of code.

Data that may accompany testing scripts for automation testing offshore is protected. The Mastek data masking tool represents data with equivalent content, which maintains the formats and rules such that the data stays relevant for testing.

Speed up Regulatory Compliance

Mastek’s ability to deliver the regulators demand at speed requires testing resources at both a system and user experience level. Many organisations struggle to release business resources to support testing based on their own demands.

Through our automation and partner approach, we enable organisations to deliver value at speed to customers. We have several examples of test script automation that have enabled our clients to quickly comply with regulatory changes.


We organise ‘Hack-a-thons,’ which are forerunners to a fully working Proof of Concept (PoC). Extremely successful with customers, our Hack-a-thons are delivered out of our Mumbai Centre of Excellence. They provide customers with the opportunity to express their business requirement, and for Mastek to quickly understand and deliver innovative solutions.

Mastek’s ‘Hack-a-thons’ are exciting, adrenaline pumping sessions involving competing Mastek teams building an end-to-end working model of the solution. Our people work together and/or with partners to generate truly innovative solutions. The winning team takes away a prize at the end of the day.

Financial Services Hack-a-thon

Right Approach
Darren Milnes

“I’m absolutely impressed by the Hack-a-thon where Mastekeers come together to crowdsource ideas for the benefit of the customer”

Darren Milnes

Why Financial Services Must Revisit Their Approach To Digital & Mobile

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Meet the Financial Services Team


Meet the Financial Services Team

Nigel Heller

Nigel leads the Financial Services practice at Mastek. He has worked in the Banking and Financial Services sector since 1998 and has considerable experience in front office applications, banking strategy and driving initiatives into banks to maximise consumer value.

Working across the EMEA region, Nigel brings external market knowledge, together with experience of banking deployments into the marketing mix. Nigel’s focus is to constantly drive real solutions that overcome the ever changing challenges that banks face in a consumer driven market.

Nigel Heller

Head of Financial Services
and Banking

Aravindan Thangaraj

Aravindan joined Mastek in 1995 and is responsible for business development and account management within the Financial Services vertical. He has 26+ years of technology and sales experience across insurance, financial services and the public sector working with customers in the UK and Europe. He is focussed on the consumer lending, micro finance, vehicle leasing, wealth management and asset & investment management micro-verticals. Aravindan also has considerable experience in programme management of large scale insurance platform implementation.

Aravindan Thangaraj

Account Director
Financial Services

Ashish Joshi

Ashish has over two decades of experience at programme management for large banking projects including business development, client relationship management and sales. His focus areas include helping clients achieve top-line revenue growth, as well as improving organisational efficiency and productivity. Ashish also specialises in mortgage/lending and vehicle leasing.

Ashish Joshi

Account Director
Financial Services

Graham Cobb

Graham joined the Mastek Banking team from IBM where he led the European Banking and FM industry team for Big Data and Analytics. Here he engaged with CX level clients, helping them leverage analytics to inform and drive their strategy. Prior to IBM he worked at Barclays for over two decades, straddling Business and IT functions across multiple business divisions, including retail and SME banking, premier, wealth management and central functions of the company. Graham has held responsibility for leading teams in defining channel performance frameworks and associated measures to drive performance in and across the distribution channels. He’s worked on developing and implementing PMI solutions, as well as establishing BI Competence Centre capability in both the Retail and later UK Bank wide.

Graham Cobb

Subject Matter Expert
Banking and FS

Malcolm Cressey

Malcolm joined the Mastek Banking team from CSC where he was a Principal Banking Solutions Consultant, specialising in generating a variety of offering propositions for the UK and European banking market. Malcolm has over 40 years of experience in Banking from both sides of the industry (Banker and Vendor). From a start at First National Bank in South Africa, Malcolm has progressed over the years to consulting and sales. He brings specialist knowledge in core banking, debit and credit card management systems, and more recently, in testing services.

Malcolm Cressey

Business Development Director
Financial Services and Banking