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Prahlad Koti

Sr. Vice President - Government and Health

While it may not seem so obvious on the face of it, the fact is that everyday over a million people across the UK rely on services built on technology delivered by Mastek. Our work supports major events in the lives of citizens, and is critical to how various public services and numerous businesses function on a daily basis.

Major Life Moments

Yet, IT delivery within the public sector is in many ways quite different from other business segments. It involves several accountability factors including the non-discretionary nature of projects, the need to provide best value for the taxpayer, and the impact of legislation and policy changes. These characteristics make the projects quite interesting and, on occasion, challenging. Hence, the government sector and its suppliers must take an enterprise view of IT that provides in-built flexibility for change. Despite the several failed public sector IT projects that dominate the headlines, we’ve had some real achievements.

These achievements are precisely what Mastek delivers, by turning around challenging projects to our advantage. We have an enviable track record of quality and timeliness, which delivers eventual business impact. In our two decades plus experience, we've combined low-risk solutions which are responsive to change with agility at scale. This enables us to provide public sector organisations with the Government Propositions which achieve objectives that are essential for modern, citizen-government interactions.

When Technology has to Transform with the Times

IT systems in the public sector are created based on their cost-effectiveness to the public purse. That is why systems changes are rare, and the systems stay in place over a long period of time. Yet, policy imperatives necessitate frequent system updates within short timescales. Mastek, being the strategic support partner for BT until 2014, and from then on, a direct partner to the HSCIC are the subject matter experts who have been delivering the Secondary User Services (SUS). Mastek’s solution ethos is based on the premise that systems must be designed for change. They should be based on open standards and provide interoperability and flexibility on key aspects of potential change.

How End-to-End Digital Transformation can be Achieved?

The Digital transformation agenda set out by the government in recent years provides a platform for real transformational change on how citizens do business with the government. It has significantly reduced the cost of IT. Moreover, the quality of citizen service can be raised whilst, ironically, lowering the cost of the service.

However, for the transformation to be deep-rooted and sustained, it must now build on this solid foundation. This can be done by providing an end-to-end integration that digitises the whole journey and provides comprehensive straight through processing capabilities.

Within the last 5 years, the government led by the Cabinet Office and the Government Digital Service embarked on an ambitious programme of digital transformation. The transformation is achieved through a radically new delivery model of disaggregation, cloud first and smaller contracts. The approach is laudable and has allowed many SME organisations to enter the market. In fact, this delivery model was the catalyst for Mastek to take the plunge in providing its services directly to public sector organisations through G-Cloud and the Digital Services frameworks. Our ground breaking work to digitise and integrate the numerous immigration technology platforms for the Home Office is ensuing visible benefits for this government body.

Why Deep Engineering and Complex Programme Experience?

The challenge of blending leading edge digital technology with decades old legacy systems, to provide a complete experience is no trivial matter. It requires deep engineering expertise and complex programme experience. Engineering teams should be capable of understanding technology landscapes across legacy, existing and future platforms. They should identify risk and change areas, bring design thinking to align the solution to business drivers. These teams must also have an ability to deal with change rapidly without losing sight of programme and business milestones.

Collaboration is a Critical Component

A crucial aspect in delivering public sector services is a firm commitment to the overall programme goals - not just our own project milestones. Of course, the real challenge arises when one’s project goals are subordinated for an overall cause. This is where collaboration, the other side of the commitment coin plays an important role.

There should be a culture of collaboration across public sector stakeholders and the supplier community. This is critical in providing the programme with an ability to respond to change, and thereby ensure higher probability of solution quality and business fitment.

Mastek Government Solutions

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Modernising for Digital
Providing Citizen Insight
Rescuing IT Programmes

Our solutions support the digital by default agenda. We provide technology and services that enable public sector organisations to build easy-to-adopt, sustainable solutions.

In providing a holistic experience, organisations must integrate legacy systems with the digital front end. Mastek is an expert in integrating systems and taking a low risk approach to modernising the legacy estate.

Public sector organisations can provide enriched customer service by extracting insight from the explosion of data. Through its 'Think Big Build Small' approach to business intelligence, Mastek provides easily adaptable systems that provide insight in the hands of decision makers.

Over 60% of IT programmes fail to meet their goals (time, quality and scope) according to the Standish group research. Mastek brings a scalable Agile programme management approach that has been honed through decades of complex delivery expertise. We support it with a governance framework that ensures business value from IT.

Transcending Technology, Touching Lives

At Mastek, we are playing a huge role in impacting the lives of citizens directly with public sector organisations and through our partners. As programmes get disaggregated and digital transformation takes the fore, Mastek together with its decades-long complex programme experience offers Agile at scale. Some of our recent, successful agile programmes and on-going projects include the Immigration Platform Technologies at the Home Office, the Card Identity system and Secondary Uses Services at the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre, digital channel shift for the Security Industry Authority in partnership with BT and Capita Schools Information Management system product.