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Mastek promotes individual and collective responsibility for achieving success. Guided by its vision, a high level of teamwork is achieved across its globally distributed teams through inspired leadership, clarity of individual roles and a constant flow of communication and knowledge.

Sudhakar Ram
Vice Chairman & MD

Quick Facts

  • Joined Mastek as a founding member in 1984
  • Took over as Chairman and Managing Director in 2007
  • Gold medallist in commerce from Loyola College, Chennai, and a silver medallist from IIM Kolkata
  • One of the founders of Rural Shores, a social venture that takes BPO jobs to rural India


Sudhakar Ram, a gold medallist in commerce from Loyola College, Chennai, and a silver medallist from IIM Kolkata. After working with Redeffusion , he joined Mastek as a founding member in 1984.

Sudhakar has worn many hats at the company over the decades. He led the R&D and product development function, all customer deliveries, quality function – through the ISO and CMM assessments, HR and finance functions at various points in time. Sudhakar took the lead in securing VC funding for Mastek from TDICI in 1989 and drove Mastek’s IPO in 1992. TDICI made returns of more than 20 times on its investment in Mastek!
In 2007, Sudhakar took over as Chairman and Managing Director of Mastek. In the same year, Sudhakar was selected as CNBC Asia’s India Business Leader of the Year. Mastek 4.0, Sudhakar’s brainchild, has incorporated principles in creating an organization that is a network of self-directed teams working in harmony to deliver tremendous value to customers and making them advocates for life.

Sudhakar was one of the founders of Rural Shores, a social impact venture that brings BPO jobs to villagers close to their homes. Rural Shore is now the leading rural BPO in the country, with 19 centres across India.

John Owen
Group CEO

Quick Facts

  • Joined Mastek as Group Chief Executive Officer in 2016
  • Business Administration & Management from Stanford University
  • Played rugby and cricket competitively in his younger days; now enjoys skiing and golf.


 A seasoned and astute business leader, John drives Mastek’s growth strategy as its CEO.

John has played sales and marketing roles in growth organizations like Serco, HP and Nortel over the last 25 years. In his last job at Serco, John was the Sales and Marketing Director for UK and Europe, where his responsibilities included handling the UK Government – Serco’s largest customer.

With his deep expertise in business development and his track record with the UK markets – especially the UK government market – John is leading Mastek to the next level of growth.

John lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife, Josie, and their two children, Francesca and Christian.

Joe Venkatraman

Quick Facts

  • Joined Mastek in 1990
  • Has 30+ years IT industry experience
  • Holds a PhD in Operations Research and Finance, and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from India.
  • He is an ardent admirer of tactical plays in football, and an avid Chelsea fan
  • An exceptional Carrom player in his youth, he opened and finished the board on several occasions, and represented his college at various tournaments


Joe spearheaded Mastek operations in the UK way back in the nineties. As the Chairman of Mastek UK, he holds responsibility for long-term strategy, UK P&L and ensuring the continued health and viability of the operation.

Joe has a flair for constructing win-win commercial propositions backed by operational excellence. He has been instrumental in building a strong and loyal client and partner base in the UK. Several of whom have worked with the company for over 15 years. He has held various positions across the company including Regional Head and MD of UK Operations.

Abhishek Singh
Group CFO

Quick Facts

  • Joined Mastek as Group CFO
  • Holds a Masters in Finance from IMDR, Pune and Bachelors in Commerce (Hons) from Patna University.
  • Brings critical finance & general management experience including Corporate Performance Management, Corporate Development (acquisition & divestiture), Pricing & Contracting, Fund Raising, Accounting & Audit functions.


In his role, he is responsible for Finance & Accounts, Facility and Infrastructure, General Administration, Purchasing and Compensation & Benefits functions globally.
Prior to joining Mastek, Abhishek was a part of Management Team at First Source Solutions Limited. He was Sr. VP & Group Finance Controller out of USA & India. He acquired and integrated businesses, optimized costs & drove synergistic savings across the businesses of First Source. He was instrumental in putting together the analytical & MIS function which partnered with the business for predictable & profitable performance.
He has varied interest from swimming and scrabble to language, food & culture. When not delving into it, he likes to spend time with his wife & daughter.

Madhu Kumar
 President & Head of North America

Quick Facts

  • Joined Digility in 2016 as President & Head of North America
  • Holds a Masters in Marketing Management from JBIMS, Mumbai, and in Computer Engineering from NEC
  • Avid golfer and voracious reader

Madhu Kumar is the North America Head & President of Digility Inc. In his role, he helps clients gain business value by ensuring consistency in user experience. Whether that user is an employee, customer, or partner, digital transformation is one of the most important strategic challenges that business leaders face. Due to his 20 years of consulting experience, he fully understands that digital transformation needs to be a companywide initiative and that building a digital strategy requires collaboration with a strong partner to meet organization’s broader goals.


Prior to joining Digility, Madhu was part of the Management Council & Executive Vice President at Hexaware Technologies, where he played critical roles of heading industry business units, creating strategic alliances, wining and executing very large transformation deals. He successfully guided many Fortune 500 companies as they navigated change and implemented new strategies across the globe.

Madhu began his professional career as a Research Scientist with India’s Department of Atomic Energy, working on nuclear reactor control systems and simulation models. Madhu has done his Masters in Marketing Management from JBIMS, Mumbai; and, Computer Engineering from NEC, Madurai. An avid golfer, when Madhu is not on the course, enjoys reading and family time with his wife and two children.

Prahlad Koti
Managing Director, Mastek UK

Quick Facts

  • Joined Mastek as a trainee in 1991
  • Worked at Mastek UK since 1995
  • Holds an MBA from the London Business School and B.E. (Computer Science) degree from the University of Mysore, India
  • A foodie, he loves cooking new dishes and inflicting them on family and friends
  • Enjoys playing badminton, cricket and chess

As Managing Director, Prahlad is jointly responsible for the achievement of Mastek UK’s strategic plans. He manages the UK P&L and develops the organisation for long term, successful growth. He also leads Mastek’s Government and Healthcare business in the UK.


Prahlad brings all-round expertise to the company’s operations, having held various roles across the business including delivery, solutions and sales. He has over two decades of experience in delivering innovative solutions, ensuring sustainable growth and business benefit for some of Mastek’s large client engagements. He is excited by the additional strategic opportunities presented by industries moving to new engagement models based on agility and business value delivery.

Hiren Shah
Sr. VP Centers of Excellence

Quick Facts

  • Joined Mastek as a campus recruit in 1989
  • Holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Mumbai
  • In his spare time, Hiren enjoys watching Bollywood films and playing chess, cricket and volley ball


Hiren leads Mastek’s ‘Centres of Excellence,’ which is a knowledge powerhouse across varied technology areas. He established the first technology engineering practice at Mastek where he was instrumental in driving innovation. Rising through the ranks, Hiren has spearheaded several divisions over the years including the technology cell in the US and the enterprise architecture/programme management start-up.

An expert at troubleshooting several Government contracts in the UK, Hiren also scales up delivery operations in the U.S. He drives innovation across big data, IoT and analytics, implementing newer technologies to help customers gain substantial business value.