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Retail Enterprise Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Solution

How Could they Meet Evolving Business Demands?

With over 500 stores and an online home delivery service meeting the needs of over 11 million customers Morrisons has focussed on putting in place a scalable trading and retail platform that could support their growing business.

As this new solution took shape and started being implemented it became clear to Morrisons that a new opportunity was presenting itself. The new systems were housing a wealth of information that, in its original format, wasn’t readily accessible to the business but if tapped into could help Morrisons significantly increase the insight into how their business was operating and help them increase their agility and accuracy with the goal of making a positive impact on their customer’s shopping experiences.

“We had to gain demonstrable benefits in time, cost and quality from our enterprise data warehouse, a key business information system. We could then use this analytical information to support a number of business processes and lifecycle improvements”
Adrian Stanbury, Chief Technology Officer - W M Morrison Supermarkets Plc.

The Seamless Transition to Incremental Advantages

As an organisation with a significant presence in the same Yorkshire region as Morrisons it was clear that there may be an opportunity for Mastek to bring to bear its considerable large-scale Data Warehouse delivery experience for the benefit of Morrisons and to help them deliver BI benefits more reliably and efficiently.

“Mastek worked closely with Morrisons as a team to implement a data warehousing, business intelligence solution that synergised our business and IT intentions, by integrating with the complete Oracle retail application suite. Additionally, Mastek deployed an incremental approach to delivery, which provided early business benefits. This has worked really well for us, as our business and IT teams have benefitted from staged releases that could be put in production before completion of the project”
Adrian Stanbury, Chief Technology Officer - W M Morrison Supermarkets Plc.

Mastek has worked collaboratively with a “one-team” ethos at Morrisons and have delivered an enterprise data warehouse that underpins an essential BI solution. The new suite of reports and dashboards are enabling Morrison to leverage the wealth of data at their fingertips and gain an additional competitive advantage from the new trading and retail systems.

“We analysed the situation to understand the business challenges, requirements and scope in relation to the overall Enterprise Business Intelligence and data warehousing programme of work. Using the Oracle retail suite which included modules covering merchandising, planning and stores applications, as well as the Oracle E-Business Suite for financials, HR/payroll and manufacturing, we migrated all Morrisons’ IT systems and operations under the one umbrella,”
Andy Hicketts, Vice President, Retail at Mastek UK.

Drawing on their extensive delivery experience Mastek ensured that not only was the final solution fit for purpose but that the cutover from the existing legacy systems was conducted in such a way as to prevent any disruption to the way Morrisons run their business and most importantly, to ensure that nothing interrupted the highest levels of customer service that Morrisons delivers every day of the week.

“During every phase of the project, prior to migration to the new platform, Mastek ensured that Morrisons could extract pertinent data from its legacy systems and combine it with data from the new systems. This meant that there was barely any system downtime and we were able to ensure that the BI IT upgrade had no impact on Morrison’s business-as-usual operations.”
Rob Stanger, Vice President at Mastek UK

A Harmonious Synchrony of Business and IT Strategy

Mastek is supporting Morrisons to deliver the best possible customer experience. It wasn’t only the solution that was delivered that impressed Morrisons but also the way the solution was delivered and the cost effectiveness of the delivery:

“We were impressed with Mastek’s precise project delivery processes. The first phase of the project was delivered on time and to budget, which eliminated the spiralling costs incurred when projects overrun”
Nick Cooper, IT Delivery Director at W M Morrison Supermarkets Plc.

He further added, “Mastek and Morrisons created a win-win situation, by jointly working to transition services offshore wherever possible for enhanced flexibility and cost reduction.”

Mastek has been working with Morrisons on continuously evolving and enhancing their BI capabilities through various programmes of work for over 4 years now. In 2011 Mastek were also chosen as Morrisons’ Tier 1 Strategic Business Intelligence Partner which is an affirmation of the quality of Mastek’s contribution.

According to Andy, “Over the years, Mastek has expanded its scope of work at Morrisons into other areas of engagement. This involves architecture, high level design and many testing phases including integration, performance and user acceptance testing. We’ve also integrated accounting data from Morrisons’ first ecommerce website, morrisons.com”

Mastek continues to support Morrisons in their bid to strive for ever higher levels of operational effectiveness and even higher levels of customer service and satisfaction and we look forward to helping them move towards their goals in what is a very faced paced and changing industry.

“The insight that Mastek has provided us through the business intelligence implementations has helped us determine some clear objectives to make our business stronger than ever. This is part of our pragmatic business approach to reach out to new customers and keep up with the changing demands of our existing ones”
Adrian Stanbury, Chief Technology Officer - W M Morrison Supermarkets Plc.