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Enabling your Vision to Come to Life

“Mastek. They never let you down”
Gary Bowles, Mastek Client

Our clients rely on us to enable strategic, future-critical applications where the challenges are not well-defined. These are generally areas where they aim to stay ahead of traditional competitors, as also nimbler e-commerce upstarts, through innovative, highly differentiated approaches.

Some clients may want to delight their digitally savvy citizens and customers who expect to be served through a channel of choice – smartphone, web, voice call, chat or video, at a time of day/day of week convenient to them. While others may be enabling straight-through processing, bringing new efficiencies and higher levels of quality to internal operations. They may want to mine data in real time – to generate new customer insights. By their very nature, these areas need specialised, bespoke applications and not off-the-shelf packages. These are the applications that fall within our sweet spot.

Tried and Tested Value Delivery

Mastek has a long and successful record of delivering bespoke applications. Our collaborative engagement model works well for discovering and finalising the vision and scope of the proposed solution – through an iterative process. Our enterprise agile method delivers releases every three months. It has been tested over several large transformation programmes, to generate early business value. Our commitment to business outcomes and client success, rather than mere project deliverables, ensures that our team is focused on value delivery.

At Mastek, we not only aim to delight our customers, we aspire to build advocates for life. We take pride in the knowledge that over 75% of the opportunities we bid for last year came through existing and past customer referrals.

Our Ideals : Building an Evergreen Institution

Our aspiration is for Mastek to be an admired, evergreen institution, not just a successful company. We believe that every organisation needs ideals to aspire to – ideals that stand the test of time. Our ideals are:

Evergreen Institution

Mastek is not just a company, but an institution with a ‘soul’, seeking to make a valuable difference in the world. Mastek believes that sustained contribution and a spotless reputation over the long term are more important than short-term growth and profits.

100% Responsibility for Outcomes

Mastek takes 100% responsibility for providing insightful solutions. Using modern platforms that enhance agility and responsiveness we quickly assimilate new technologies and take pride in our work – underpinning the solutions we deliver.

Win for All

Mastek is committed to the success of every stakeholder, without trading off anyone’s interest against one another. We’re committed to building long-term relationships that win the hearts and minds of those it touches.

Collaborative Culture

Mastek embraces collaboration as the means to solving complex problems. Openness, mutual respect and teamwork within both the company and clients. Collaboration is enhanced with our simple, sincere and straightforward approach to work and relationships.