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Retail operations and delivery are far more complex today than they ever were. Whether it be product sourcing, duties payable, quality processes and legislation, or logistics costs, wastage, shrinkage, mark down, employee rotas and a myriad KPI’s. The simple ‘buy low, sell high’ process has now become quite complex and that’s even before we add the ‘customer’, the multifaceted leveller to the mix.

Empowering Retailers by Unleashing the Power of Data

With the continuous expansion of the retail sector through multi channels such as social media, virtual communities and new data sources, it has become essential to tap into the hearts and minds of customers. This can be done by gaining business insights through data using various means such as creating communities that personalise products and/or bundles that meet specific personal needs, or by contextualising products for customers at the point of purchase. At Mastek, we help make this possible, simplifying retail and empowering businesses by identifying the customer through multiple means of loyalty management, be it digital or physical media. We have over three decades of understanding and experience of delivering complex solutions across multiple channels and devices.

We’ve built massive enterprise data warehouses for Tier 1 and Tier 2 retailers including developing information strategy, BI dashboards, re-architecting, revitalising and supporting applications across the UK. We’ve also delivered complex customer data solutions and provided testing services for core retail applications. These services are crucial in driving growth through enhanced customer experience. Additionally, our data security expertise, agile processes, coupled with our ease of working both offshore and onsite offers assurance of a service that customers can trust.

Our Digital Assets Help Accelerate Business Growth

A critical aspect of our DNA is the shrink-wrap approach of developing assets and accelerators, which permeates our organisation. We make these digital assets widely available through portals and crowd-sourced innovation. Assets are essential to jumpstarting your goals because they save time and money, ensuring faster-time-to-market of your solutions as a result.

Our engagement models are aimed at putting the customer first. In fact, or experience at delivering complex programmes in line with customer needs has resulted in world-class customer advocacy levels. For retailers looking to make business transformation a focus, our expertise at change management using scaled agile principles will guide you along the path.
Digital Assets and Accelerators

  • Plug-n-play Information Strategy
  • Retail KPI catalogue
  • Fast Start ETL estimation and accelerator models
  • Supply chain and omni-channel dashboard templates
  • Analytical engines for basket, proximity and customer analysis
  • The ultimate accelerator - our people

Mastek Retail Solutions

Enterprise Data Warehousing
Dashboard and Reporting
Omni-Channel Integration
Enabling Insight
Retail Testing
Legacy Modernisation

Our understanding of how to manage hundreds of terabytes of data and develop secure systems in line with industry best practices is second to none.

We have been instrumental in developing Retail BI solutions for Tier 1 supermarkets such as Morrisons and other leading UK retailers These projects showcase our ability to handle complex, large volume data and projects.

A number of retailers have invested in heavy duty enterprise systems. Unfortunately, not all of these systems are properly integrated and many operate as data silos.

We’re experts at piecing together valuable pockets of data, to create highly visual, business focused dashboards and business reporting systems across the organisation. Our UXD and gamification experiences ensure that these applications not only help identify and action business opportunities, but also excite your end users to use them. Whatever technology you decide to implement, you can trust us with your solution.

Whether you have over two decades of IP residing within your legacy apps, complex RPG or equivalent language-based applications, we can develop and deliver a modernisation strategy that delivers the omni-channel experience.

In a recent report Forrester highlighted the importance of the engagement layer in delivering omni-channel retail experiences. If you are keen to utilise important stock, sales and margin information across your business, digitalise your offerings and create a single view of customers, talk to Mastek.

Mastek offers the right combination of in-house expertise, partner eco-system and onshore/offshore resources to deliver critical insights into customer behaviour.

We are experienced at delivering complex data solutions and BI integration expertise. This coupled with partners such as Autograph for customer acquisition and personalisation, Bloom for data science and insight and CallCredit for data embellishments uniquely positions us to provide holistic customer experiences that ensure commercial success.

In collaboration with leading enterprise solutions such as Oracle Retail, Mastek provides end- to-end testing services. Our testing services are focussed on overcoming typical retail pressures such as cost effectiveness, attention to detail and the need for speed.

We offer legacy modernisation services to rejuvenate complex application landscapes.

Do you need an innovative, agile IT provider capable of delivering a technological transformation of your legacy environments? We provide incremental benefits by focussing on delivering early and often. Additionally, you can trust Mastek to deliver with fixed price or ROI based commercial commitments.

For Simplified, Straightforward Solutions

Whether it is digital transformation, business intelligence, insight or omni-channel enablement, our goal has always been to help customers drive their business forward pragmatically whilst ensuring valuable business outcomes. We have a strong track record of scaled Agile delivery within retail focusing on business outcomes and the delivery of tangible return on investment.

Our strategic, long term engagements at delivering enterprise scale BI success for Morrisons, as well as numerous other pivotal engagements for retailers such as Greggs, Travelex and JD Sports demonstrates our track record in delivering business value.

Our assets and accelerators enhance delivery and simplify our customer’s operations. Last but not the least, our people incorporate our core values of innovating on a daily basis, to help our customers realise their goals.