Test Automation Solutions & Quality Assurance Services

Sandeep Dongre

Lead - Global Testing Centre of Excellence

The quality, performance and security of business applications are of utmost importance to any organisation. Especially in today’s always-on, connected world, your end users expect to connect to your business anytime, from anywhere and through any device. Small wonder then that the customer experience on different devices is gaining importance, as is the emphasis on usability testing.

Can You Get a Tried and Tested Solution?

Most businesses struggle to address the ‘what, when and how much of what they should test.’ Yet, the constraints of faster time to market and tighter budgets necessitate the importance of getting it right the first time. While most organisations respond with an increased focus on quality, testing practices, on the whole struggle to adapt to the changing demands of incorporating Agile techniques in the digital world.

With test automation, performance, security, mobility and the use of open source tools becoming a necessity, Mastek provides organisations with the flexibility to respond to business needs whilst delivering the tried and tested quality that end-users expect. Our 30+ years of testing experience, domain knowledge and consulting experience, coupled with our assets and accelerators will ensure that you get the right quality, on time and within budget.

Testing Concerns Quotes

"How do I deal with quality compromises, testing cost overheads, lack of skilled testers, security issues?"

Typical CxO comment
Typical CxO

"Performance is very slow and taking so much time to load. Are we fully optimised?"

Typical End-User (UAT) comment
Typical End-User (UAT)

"Do we have complete visibility on testing? How much have we covered? How much is left?"

Typical Project Management comment
Typical Project Management

"How long are we going to test? Are we done yet?"

Typical Leadership Team comment
Typical Leadership Team

“Do we need testers in Agile environments?"

Typical Management comment
Typical Management

Mastek Testing Solutions

Independent Testing Services

Providing your business applications with unbiased quality assurance is the key to successful delivery. At Mastek, our Independent testing services do just that. We offer complete transparency which is essential for quick risk identification. Our teams report on the status directly to clients and keep them involved throughout the testing lifecycle.

Our Approach

Enterprises today are trying to find innovative ways to curtail software testing costs. At the same time, they endeavour for efficient test strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, minimize business risk and meet industry standards. As a thought leader and innovator in the software testing industry, Mastek’s Independent Testing Services takes a holistic approach towards fixing the core issues in their software products, applications and systems. We add value at each phase of IT system development and management leading to enhancing application quality, reducing time to market and lowering total cost of ownership.

Our testing Services portfolio constitutes an optimal mix of traditional and next generation solutions to test software, applications and infrastructure for our clients across industry verticals. We have consistently and successfully executed Independent testing services for customers like BT and Thales.

You too can benefit from:

  • Our automation framework that reduces testing costs up to 30%
  • End-to-end involvement and visibility
  • Compliance with industry standards through our test labs and tools
  • Significant mitigation of technical and business risks
  • Application secured from potentially unsafe access
  • Increased application availability and reliability
  • Support for agile development approaches
  • Reduction in application maintenance and enhancement costs

Mastek Testing Solutions

Agile Testing Services
Specialized Testing Services

As part of our organisation-wide Enterprise Agile approach, we have evolved testing processes around the Agile methodology. While implementing lean processes, a greater emphasis is given to collaboration, ownership and speed.

Raising defects is no more a goal but proactively identifying and closing is. We achieve customer satisfaction by rapid and continuous delivery of useful software. A greater emphasis is given to people and interactions, rather than process and tools. As part of Agile Testing, customers, developers and testers constantly interact with each other. There is close and daily cooperation between the business and technology side. Working software is delivered quite frequently - within weeks rather than months. Continuous attention is given to technical excellence and good design. While late changes in requirements are welcomed, we frequently adapt to changing circumstances.

Gain an edge over competition with our specialised testing services. Whether it is security testing, performance testing, test data management, mobile testing and testing for migrations, our dedicated centres of excellence in each of these domains incorporate superior tools, methods and brainpower, to ensure that specialised testing works for you. We have a track record of successful project completion with these specialised services. This is supported by our proprietary assets and accelerators that give us a jumpstart to faster ramp up and deliveries.

There’s a Way to Fast track Your Software to Completion

We utilise our testing intellectual protocol, to offer enhanced productivity to clients. We do this by accelerating various testing events throughout the software testing life cycle. These tools provide solutions in the areas of test automation, test data management, easy evidence capturing, R&D test labs and web services testing. We also provide browser compatibility testing for browsers that have not been addressed by open source and commercial tools.

Mastek’s ready-to-use test accelerators, tool agnostic frameworks for test automation and performance testing jump start the QA initiatives and deliver quicker return on investment. Our automation framework enabled numerous leading enterprises to leverage automated test asset modernisation services. Further, our test assessment framework assesses testing maturity at the organisation level, whilst our proprietary DFTK (data factory tool kit) tool helps us for Data Management and Migrations.

Open Sourcing

Mastek’s highly configurable hybrid automation framework, ‘Swift’ with QTP, test complete and selenium automation tools offers quick turnaround for automation suite implementation. An automation regression suite can be created or modified using domain friendly keywords for modules, screens and verifications, thereby ensuring an effective and efficient test process and faster ROI through the complete application life cycle.

Our Solutions Have Stood the Test of Time

With our 30+ years’ experience in successfully delivering large and complex testing projects, Mastek is the preferred solution partner for customers across various large transformational programmes. Our rich varied testing expertise spans independent testing, system testing, system integration testing, end-to-end testing and acceptance testing.

Our Agile testing solutions are designed to respond to high customer expectations and dynamically changing requirements - setting us in a league ahead of traditional service providers. We have a track record of large scale programme deliveries such as the Home Office (link to case study) with a minimal defect leakage ratio into production. This has served to leverage our customer relationships into long term ones where 80% of our business is repeat.

More importantly, our people are our biggest asset. We have a strong base of 40% ISTQB certified professionals and over 70% Agile certified testers with rich domain expertise, all of which ensures high quality solutions at optimal costs.