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Accelerate your digital advantage.

Accelerate your digital advantage to stay ahead of​ the ever-changing ​ needs of your customers.

What we do

Lean enterprise​ enablement

Technology accelerates value, but you need to train and coach your digital pioneers to optimise Lean Portfolio Management, DevOps and Agile so  that they can then deliver your business outcomes at speed.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent Automation passes accelerated value into your digital ecosystem—to unleash this, you need to start out with a maturity assessment and consultancy, progress to process analysis, pilot and then scale up. 

Cloud platform enablement

Your digital platform is the foundation of your legacy. Cloud can create a new energy for your business with application and data migration. You can get started with a cloud readiness assessment.

Identity and e-security

Deliver your Identity and Access Management (IDAM) as part of your organisational change.​ Our specialists design and implement IDAM to deliver continuous value to your business and to support the key initiatives of your organisation.

Digital commerce

Deploy an e-commerce platform that supports new business models and delivers customer experience. We make sure that your application architecture is in sync with your business requirements and drive a product approach to support changing needs.

Experience optimisation

Leverage user journeys, personas and lifecycles to create a seamless customer experience.​ ​Our experts offer UX Design, Discovery​ and a Proof of Concept service to make sure you’re reaching all your customers and meeting their specific needs.

Our alliances

Our alliances are designed to shape and drive your ability to accelerate your digital advantage.

We have a defined model of how our alliances support our value propositions and we map this alongside your roadmap maturity.


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Our alliances see no boundaries

Get your technologies to work together to accelerate digital transformation with strong alliance support from AI specialists and ML platform experts.​

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They enable your ​cloud platform

Benefit from access to expertise from major cloud providers to establish how to evolve your digital platform and to choose a platform architecture than can support your future business initiatives.​

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They rapidly create a ​Lean enterprise

Use our DevOps transformation alliances to accelerate the discovery and delivery of your new products and services.

Mastek is a rapid value ecosystem

    > Create a lean enterprise 

    > Deliver intelligent automation

    > Safeguard identity and e-security

    > Enable a cloud platform

    > Leverage digital commerce

    > Optimise experience

Our digital services

Digital transformation

We have the expertise to support the technological and cultural change through which your organisation will achieve optimal customer responsiveness.

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Agile consulting

We enable our clients to optimise the delivery of digital change so that they can deliver more value faster and with confidence.

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Intelligent automation

We enable operational innovations to drive customer experience, speed up execution and reduce costs whilst supporting you to use Intelligent Automation at scale.

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Digital commerce

We provide the strategic, innovation and technical expertise that powers exceptional experiences across channels for B2C and B2B clients.

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