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Agile consulting

Through our consultancy, we enable our clients to optimise the delivery of digital change so that they can deliver more value faster, create responsive digital organisations and deliver Agile projects with confidence.


Enabling our clients to deliver digital change

Our services span the end-to-end technology change process from inception to live, so that you can deliver value continuously and meet your users’ needs, while managing risk, maintaining control and still benefiting from using an Agile approach.

Our clients range from startups to global enterprises, where we bring to bear our expertise in managing change in complex environments where innovative systems coexist with large legacy estates.

500% increase in ROI

500% increase in ROI

Incremental delivery approach and dynamic uncertainty management minimise upstream delays, reducing cycle times, dramatically shortening time-to-market and driving massive increases in ROI.

50% increase in throughput

50% increase in throughput

We help you embed the tooling, processes and operational changes that will establish your DevOps capability and enable you to move planned work into production with vastly greater speed, security and control.

Number 1 industry-leading governance

Industry-leading governance

Our pioneering governance framework has been adopted on a number of the largest Agile projects in the world, de-risking projects and programmes by providing the control required to assure successful delivery in the most exacting circumstances.

Our approach


Putting clients at the heart of their change

Change is driven by you, our customer, rather than prescribed at the outset and imposed. True to our ethos, we do this by taking an incremental, Agile approach to all of our work – building on the value and understanding from successive increments. Consequently, self-sufficiency is often achieved significantly earlier than initially anticipated.


Practical support for sustainable success

We focus on supporting the practical, hands-on development of understanding and skills, and removal of organisational constraints. Spanning from one-to-one coaching all the way to leading enterprise-scale change programmes that shape responsive, digital organisations, our consultancy services will support your specific requirements.

  • Scaling and embedding Agile
  • Establishing a DevOps culture
  • From project to product
  • Digital service strategy and design
  • Optimised Agile
  • De-risking programmes
Dixons Carphone


defects on IPT programme


Dixons Carphone

  • Led the Agile transformation of Dixons Carphone’s eCommerce division
  • Enabled Dixons to break all records for Black Friday in 2015, achieving in excess of £70m* sales from over 6,000,000 unique visitors
  • Project was a finalist in the 2017 Management Consultancy Awards


Shaping customer-centric, responsive organisations

In a marketplace where customer-responsiveness is now the key to competitive advantage, we have a proven track record of shaping product-led organisations in which change is a continual flow from idea to live, allowing you to deliver consistent value to the customer and respond rapidly to their feedback.

  • Our support for the trailblazing ‘Apigee’ project at Prudential established the infrastructure for a DevOps and Agile approach that enabled rapid and frequent releasing of product enhancements and optimised responsiveness to customer feedback
  • At Dixons Carphone, we enhanced portfolio management to drive flow, while in parallel optimising collaboration between the commercial team and IT to ensure that the right people at the right time were involved in the decision-making process – delivering results that broke sales records
  • We provided targeted consultancy to support Trakcel in enhancing its incremental delivery, honing its value prioritisation and managing its Work-in-Progress (WiP), resulting in big productivity improvements and increased responsiveness to its customers


How can we help your organisation?

+44 (0) 1189 035 700

+44 (0) 1189 035 700