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My enriching journey with Mastek

In the summer of 2001, I was offered a very interesting profile as an IT Executive at Mastek. Since then, 19 years have passed and I have come a long way but I still find my current role just as exciting and rewarding. For me, Mastek is more than simply an organization- it is here that I have learnt to be my authentic self, realized that I am passionate about technology, a go-getter by nature and that I truly value integrity. Even today, Mastek continues to open doors to many opportunities to explore and make wise career choices. It has helped me nurture my values and establish long term relationships.

Mastek’s work culture and diverse projects enriched me with a fulfilling experience and fueled my aspiration for continuous learning. In the past 2 decades at Mastek, I have worked on numerous projects, interacted with customers from a spectrum of sectors and geographies. Mastek’s conducive environment ensures I am able to fully be myself, and I am always able to put my best foot forward in everything that I do.


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I owe whatever professional accomplishments that I have been able to garner till date, to none other than Mastek and the talented colleagues that I am surrounded with. Mastek has, in all these years helped me in recognizing the potential that I always had, but was lying dormant"

Anuradha Mhatre , Group Service Delivery Manager, Mastek.

I was exposed to the world of creativity and innovation at an early age. I consider my Father who has authored over 80 books, and recipient of innumerable state and National honors as my role model. During my early years, I dabbled in poetry for some time but as time progressed, due to my keen inclination towards technology and motivation from my educationist Mother, I developed a penchant for IT and later found my career path here. Mastek has helped me keep my creativity alive with challenging and stimulating work. Thus, creative solutions, backed by technology has become my forte and the reason I feel my journey at Mastek is so enriching.

Continuous learning is a part of Mastek culture and I have been offered diverse roles over the years, which I believe have helped me evolve into an accomplished professional. Right from joining the IT project team in the initial days, to the roles of Project Manager to a Bid Manager in Pre-sales; onto being the Head of Service Management Centre of Excellence, Senior Service Delivery Manager with Mastek’s marquee clients, core member of ASM Service Line, Delivery Lead and then to my current role as a Programme Director. These diverse roles enabled me fathom depths and see different perspectives to business, right from business development, opportunity conversion to contract and Project Execution, though Delivery is my forte. I feel honored and privileged to be a part of the IT transformation journey of Mastek’s prestigious clients, challenging projects and strategic accounts in the Financial Services, Banking, Retail, Telecom, Crime & Insurance domain, across US, UK, South Asia and the Middle East. Recently, in collaboration with Evosys, we had a spectacular win - a large deal on Oracle Managed Services and that has opened up further growth avenues for being a customer’s Digital partner for life.

I firmly believe that learning is a lifelong process and this aligns perfectly with Mastek’s culture, as Mastek opens its door for its people to an array of learning opportunities. Within 6 months of joining, I was offered my very first onsite opportunity as a recognition of hard work & potential. I was in awe, when I stepped into the sprawling campus of a prestigious MNC headquartered in Seattle. They turned out to be one of the most demanding global customers; Mastek was managing their mission critical advertising and financial services platform – and their appreciation and acknowledgement for Mastek’s 24X7 Production Support Model (first of its kind at Mastek) from offshore was a huge sense of achievement.

The tremendous opportunity to learn and the all-round support that I received, will always remain with me and encourage me to keep moving forward. This is what fuels and encourages people to spearhead in the right direction. A financial services client in UK, remains my signature Project, we not only created a robust ITIL platform, governed by stringent process framework, but also led the transformation from Legacy to Digital seamlessly through innovation and implementation of several automation/self-healing strategies.

Mastek considers its people as its strongest assets. Each and every individual, irrespective of their role and position are valued and respected. Thought leadership is instrumental here as it provides the right ecosystem to the teams and allows them to focus and deliver goals in alignment with business objectives, thus creating high-performance, outcome based teams. Every day there are new challenges that encourage me to find solutions and keep going. And, when in spite of all odds I’m able to lead my team to success, that is what makes me a partner in the journey of this organization. As one of our customer’s stated - "Mastek is our most privileged partner and we look forward to continuing the relationship", Mastek being considered a Partner vs a vendor, is a huge win, as this demonstrates we go extra miles beyond contract value. That’s the kind of long-term relationship we build with our customers.

Mastek helped me champion, design & implement Target Operating Models, entrusted me with many critical projects and recognized my contributions with awards like Ideal Mastek Team, Delivery Excellence Award, Outperforming Team Award, Operational Excellence Award, Service Line Award, and the CEO Award.

When I joined Mastek, almost 2 decades ago, I quickly found myself comfortable in the inclusive environment that empowered each one of us to grow and aim for the zenith. I have all along felt valued in the varied roles that I have been entrusted with and as a core member of Diversity@Mastek initiative. Apart from being an IT professional, I have also traversed other necessary roles in my personal life of being a home-maker, wife and mother. This would not have been possible without the trust factor. Mastek enabled me to strike the perfect work-life balance and supported me in essaying all these roles seamlessly. I am thankful to all my mentors past and present who entrusted me with important assignments and encouraged me throughout.

I owe whatever professional accomplishments that I have been able to garner till date, to none other than Mastek and the talented colleagues that I am surrounded with. Mastek has, in all these years helped me in recognizing the potential that I always had, but was lying dormant. Mastek is and will always be an integral part of my existence. It is a great company for all those who are not mere spectators but active contributors in every aspect. My dream is to become a leader who inspires others to do their best, and since service management is my forte, my constant endeavor is to enable business and IT through the next generation service management i.e. leverage ITIL, Agile, and DevSecOps. Digital Transformation and Automation is the present and future and I strongly believe in Mastek’s invincible strength as a global Digital Leader.


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