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Mastek Graduate Programme Overview

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Mastek is dedicated to future proofing the business and nurturing the next generation of tech evangelists. We have devised a programme which not only supports and develops graduates but also put you at the heart of Mastek as a business providing you the knowledge and understanding about the industry.

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UK IT Vendor of the Year

2018 UK IT Industry Awards finalist

What can you expect?

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Training & development

3-month onboarding. Empowered, self-managing teams.

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50% revenue growth & 30% growth in employees over past 12 months.

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Social responsibility

Central to our ethos – >1m beneficiaries in local communities.

Why join the Mastek Graduate Programme?

You will learn, you will develop, you will grow and you will be nurtured. You will be provided with the skills and experience to succeed in the Tech Industry and make a difference to the lives of others in the process.

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What other graduates say

Read some of the stories and opinions of graduates that have already attented the Graduate Programme. he process.

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Jordan Gowdy

Attended Mastek Graduate Programme 2018

What university did you go to and what did you study?

I attended Northumbria University and studied Computer Science.

What interested you in the Mastek Graduate Programme?

The Mastek Graduate programme became my number one priority with how they structure your arrival. When applying to companies one of my priorities was with how the training would be conducted, Mastek stood out as the initial three months are extensive training with a clear outline on what will be taught throughout the process.

What are you most looking forward to on your journey with Mastek?

After having conversations with Mastek employees at the assessment centre, I am most looking forward to the progression within Mastek. The variety of paths you can take is a huge plus for me personally as I could continue to follow a technical path or branch out into other areas within the company to best suit my skillset.

How did you find the assessment centre?

After attending a number of assessment centres, Mastek was by far the most comfortable and the whole team made the day an enjoyable experience. The day allowed the graduates to meet each other alongside existing Mastek staff followed with enjoyable group work and a one to one interview.

How helpful have Mastek been in securing you the role on the graduate programme?

Mastek were extremely helpful with me securing the role, consistent updates before each step in the application process allowed me to perform at my best and be better prepared for the assessment day.

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Eleanor Bound

Attended Mastek Graduate Programme 2018

What university did you go to and what did you study?

I went to the University of Leeds and studied Physical Geography.

What interested you in the Mastek Graduate Programme?

The emphasis on training and developing graduates. When I first saw the job description it was asking for skills such as analytical thinking and problem solving which first caught my eye. I was very interested in expanding my knowledge in the IT industry and was very impressed with Mastek; seeing the input Mastek has with nationwide projects (the NHS and involvement with the Home Office) and their agile solutions approach. Also the range of industries and projects they are involved with really excited me.

What are you most looking forward to on your journey with Mastek?

I am really looking forward to expanding my knowledge on software fundamentals and I really like Mastek’s 4.0 approach, working alongside my colleagues and customers to really make a difference to businesses. Having the chance to work shoulder to shoulder with some of Britain’s most well-known brands and be key in helping them improve/develop.

How did you find the assessment centre?

I really enjoyed the assessment centre. I found it to be very informative, organised and enjoyed the opening ice breakers and getting to know everyone there. I found the presentation task very interesting due to the thought-provoking topics we were given to research and liked the opportunity to showcase our teamwork and presentation skills. I came away from the day even more excited about the role and found the whole day very motivating and fun.

How helpful have Mastek been in securing you the role on the graduate programme?

Mastek were very helpful in me securing the role. I have felt well informed about the next steps due to receiving my contract of employment speedily, the reading list, schedule for the next few months ect. Instructions for what I needed to do following receiving an offer was clear and knew any questions I had would be answered.

What made you choose to pursue a career in technology as opposed to Geography?

I chose to study Geography because I found the subject really interesting and enjoyed studying a science. I chose to pursue a career in technology as opposed to Geography because I found Geography to be very niche whereas technology is fundamental to the success of different fields. Technology is behind every great business and today makes the work tic. The need for people with technology skills is growing and I find the thought of being part of a culture that is continuously growing and advancing to in means of research, discovery and development to be great.

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The application process

At the point in which we receive your CV through the application portal a member of the team will be in touch within a week to discuss the next steps.

You will then be taken through the application process which will include a telephone interview and assessment centre. Mastek will ensure that those unsuccessful candidates will receive full feedback following each interview stage.

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