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Case study

Building society gets more agile with data

We know data virtualisation


What do you do when data integration is too disorderly, labour-intensive and time-consuming to easily meet evolving business needs and expectations of greater agility? 


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We were very pleased with the speed of delivery and proactivity of the Mastek team in collaborating with us to complete the build."

UK building society



Lack of information agility, hampering response to business intelligence needs

data sources

Multiple, difficult-to-integrate data sources

Limited data governance and lineage

Limited data governance and lineage


Legacy information management architecture

Limited internal resource to solve the problem

Limited internal resource to solve the problem


1. Proof of concept

The customer challenged Mastek to prove its data virtualisation expertise — and the potential of Mastek's approach — to overcome these issues by:

Replicating the functionality of a particularly complex in-house Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) development.


2. Enterprise Deployment

Following PoC success, Mastek was asked to develop its data virtualisation approach as an enterprise capability, with Agile development now underway.



Compared with the original ODI development, Mastek's POC data virtualisation solution delivered much faster time to insight and greater flexibility.

  • 40% faster development
  • 25% faster processing of data
  • Simplified integrated view of data
  • Agile Solution for dynamic data masking with enhanced role-based access controls managing the risk
  • Simplified integration with enterprise systems 



We were impressed with both the knowledge and commitment of all the team.

UK building society

40% faster development, 25% faster processing of data

Struggling to support business-as-usual, data insight activities?

This whitepaper demonstrates how data virtualisation simplifies complex business analytics.


Data Virtualisation Whitepaper


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+44 (0) 1189 035 700