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Their story

A UK Government Department needs to make their tidal prediction capability available as an API to developers across the UK using a subscription (paid and free) model.

Making data available to developers using APIs

Application programing interfaces (APIs) underpin common actions such as posting on social media or buying a concert ticket online— they are key to bridging the gap between legacy applications and innovative digital solutions.

APIs enable Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) to develop a strategy that enables application modernisation and reduces the friction between legacy and modern systems.

We have already used APIs to help our clients to:

  • Catalogue their application portfolio
  • Optimise assets like data and transactions
  • Address problems such as skills gaps or legacy integration

A UK government department has a back-end tidal protection system, built using accurate and reliable data from the UK’s largest network of tidal stations. They need to make this prediction capability available as an API to developers across the UK using a subscription (paid and free) model. 

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Democratising data for developers

A pressing question for the public sector is how to make essential data available to application developers to ensure citizen safety.

We helped a UK government department to make their data available as an API using a subscription model.


The Problem

  • Make data available as an API to developers across UK and world to consume prediction data for their applications 
  • Provide tiered access to APIs and data using paid subscriptions
  • Eliminate Manual processes for selling tidal prediction files
  • Automate deployment of Azure infrastructure and code

The Solution

  • Creating a self-service developer portal to enable customers to browse APIs and documentation
  • Using Azure web jobs for subscription lifecycle management
  • APIM Developer portal template customisation to enable integration with UKHO's payment portal
  • Protecting the backend service from unauthorised access using certificate authentication and IP Whitelisting, while allowing users to access service only via APIM gateway

The Outcome

  • Improved the efficiency, reach and availability of tidal data service
  • Opened up new avenues for integrating tidal prediction data with 3rd party applications
  • Created a new revenue stream

I know I speak for the whole team in saying that your input has enabled us to deliver better products and services than we would have created without you."

UK government department