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Their story

Manheim Auctions, a leading UK provider of products and services to the used vehicle industry, needs to provide cutting-edge platforms for its retail and wholesale solutions.

Modernising legacy applications

Application modernisation includes the migration of legacy to new applications or platforms and supports the integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to drive business outcomes.

Application leaders, architects and development specialists need to ensure that the technology is in place to support modernisation and that strategy is underpinned with clear planning towards 5 or 10 year goals.

We have already helped our clients to:

  • Take a deeply strategic approach to application modernisation
  • Evaluate the possibilities, from re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, re-architecting, replacing and retiring applications
  • Address security, mobility, flexibility and innovation

Manheim Auctions, a leading UK provider of products and services to the used vehicle industry, needs to provide a sound foundation to set their application strategy for the years ahead. They identified the need to replace existing systems and establish a single customer view.

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Manheim accelerates car auction sales with modernised legacy systems

Quality insurance and integration is essential to a successful application modernisation strategy.

We helped Manheim to deliver these elements of their application modernisation programme.



The Problem

  • Create a single customer view, to be the master data repository for different types of customers and to manage data to be consumed by other systems 
  • Deliver a web enabled Auction Manager in line with Manheim’s strategic direction
  • Develop a web application, to be rewritten with new architecture and technologies, that can create vehicle valuations based on defined parameters
  • Legacy technologies that require extensive testing in order to implement changes

The Solution

  • Implementing migration to Azure
  • Developing a new auction system using the latest technologies
  • Automating testing and deployment
  • Using open source libraries to ensure platform independence

The Outcome

  • Achieved seamless integration
  • Leveraged a responsive application portfolio
  • Increased fraud detection by 15%
  • Modernised their legacy infrastructure

“The Mastek team integration with Manheim is phenomenal."

Phil Bradley, Head of IT Programmes and Product Development, Manheim


Manheim: unlocking legacy to accelerate car sales

Mastek's legacy modernisation expertise is helping drive Manheim's digital transformation.