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Their story

Morrisons is taking bold steps to extract the best competitive advantage from their data every day.

Unlocking the power of Morrisons’ data

Managing data to find meaningful insights is a complex task in organisations where data is not joined up.

Data insight is central to improving services for end users. This means not only considering a viable single source of truth in a complex environments but also managing data diversity and providing insight through easy to use dashboards.

Data analytics has already helped our clients to:

  • Allow for cross-organisational systems for storing and analysing data
  • Provide self-service analytics solutions
  • Catalogue data assets for value creation
  • Build a single source of truth

Morrisons is taking bold steps to extract the best competitive advantage from data every day. Their ability to capture and analyse data allows them to make critical and timely decisions to maintain customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and ensure they retain their top 4 UK market position.

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dashboards across 500 stores

Making Morrisons Agile and disruptive

Data can enable you to understand and responding to customer, supply and market trends in real-time.

We helped Morrisons to ensure that their legacy estate was able to cope with the increasing demands that its business would be placing on it, and to be able to continuously harness and exploit data to maximum business advantage.


The Problem

  • Legacy systems that were struggling to support the rapidly changing demands of the business and its customers across more than 500 locations
  • The need to drive efficiency into the management of a complex retail supply chain with a large network of stores, warehouses and suppliers
  • Updating operations across stores, warehouses and head offices that necessitated the replacement of virtually all hardware, software and infrastructure across the business
  • Vast amounts of data captured, deriving value from which was difficult and cumbersome

The Solution

  • Building a comprehensive Data warehouse
  • Delivering of 25+ complex data projects
  • Implementing tools to increase analytical capability
  • Developing dashboards to provide visibility of complex data preparation and analysis

The Outcome

  • Improved decision making across the supply chain, delivering £10,000 savings in week one
  • Reduced costs by £2.3m per year
  • Brought 30+ customer insight dashboards to all 500 stores

Mastek are always very positive, always got great ideas, certainly ideas outside of the area in which they're just engaged upon. They add value in that respect."

Stuart O'Hara, Head of Application Delivery, Morrisons

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