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Case study

Large education MIS solutions provider

Large education MIS solutions provider to 22,000+ UK schools, local education authorities, further and higher education.

Client insight

Mastek developed a web-based cloud product suite to overcome challenges posed by the existing Windows-based solution.

The challenge

The Challenge

  • Frequent changes to requirements caused regression failures, security vulnerabilities, performance issues and technical debt
  • Enterprise-based architecture changes made quality control and root cause analysis difficult
The solution

The Solution

Its technology partner since 2006, Mastek developed and supported the product suite.

Our testing services covered:

  • Test automation to help achieve their CI-CD pipeline and vision
  • Continuous focus on quality including built-in quality (right code first time), unit test, integration test, system test and UAT
  • Source code analysis and fix, reducing technical debt
  • Exploratory testing used as part of functional testing
  • Sanity testing and fit-for-use check
  • Regressions testing, security tests, load testing and UAT support
The result

What we delivered

  • 40% savings in testing cost 
  • Automation saved 60-70% regression effort 
  • Reduced technical debt 
  • 90% test pack automated
  • Load tests uncovered non-performant areas to be improvised

Award and Recognition

Winners of Excellence and Race to the Top Awards 

Program for maintaining Velocity and Quality benchmarks


How can we help your organisation?

+44 (0) 1189 035 700

+44 (0) 1189 035 700