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Case Study

Major retailer takes mobile testing in stride

The common problems of testing*

Time restraint icon


Not enough time to test

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Don’t have the right testing process/method

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Don't have the right tools to test

Not a problem for Mastek

Fortunately, if you can find a process or method that works for you and pair it with the right tools, you will have enough time to test your product. This is what we specialise in, as a major retailer discovered when turning to Mastek to develop a critical in-store app.

The ambition and the app

The retailer wants to get more intelligent about anticipating demand, so it never runs short of what customers want. The ambition is to:

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Use adaptive AI to forecast demand for each item in each store.

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Enable staff to ask for a forecast through a mobile app, used to take an up-to-date count of items as they walk the shelves.

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Present a recommended action back to the app, such as 'increase next order by 10'; 'decrease next order by 5'; 'cancel next order'.

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Connect to purchasing and supply chain systems to enable straight-through ordering from the app.

Testing that keeps pace with agile development

There's a lot to do to realise the full vision for the app, but it's already in use in stores to maintain accurate stock counts and improve replenishment.

With the app being continually developed, each new development sprint could break something that was previously working.

To prevent this, Mastek has largely automated functional regression testing for the app, making it both faster and more comprehensive.

The results

For this major retailer, the results spoke for themselves in terms of test coverage, time saved and test efficiency.


60-70% coverage for test automation


Ave 65% time saved, reducing testing from a day to less than half a day

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More time to focus on testing for current and next sprint, enabling critical defects to be more reliably detected and fixed at source

*World Quality Report 2017-18


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