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The commercial​ sector.

We help our clients in the commercial sector to build services that are evolved for customers and employees and impact business goals.

What we do

Accelerate your ​
digital advantage

Transform your technology to harness long-term value

You need to optimise technology to explore new value for your customers and grow your business revenue.

It’s critical that you improve speed, quality and customer value using Intelligent Automation, Cloud and Identity Access Management (IDAM). You need to deliver value at pace using Lean Portfolio Management, DevOps and Agile.

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Unlock the power ​
of your data

Deliver insights that you can use to drive digital transformation

Your data needs to help you to achieve your digital transformation and business outcomes.

Data delivers the most value when it is accessible, aggregated and easily benchmarked. You can overcome the challenges of data optimisation by identifying a clear strategy, introducing data governance and reviewing your architecture.

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Develop and modernise ​
your applications

Identify a clear path to application modernisation

The journey from legacy estate to modernised applications means overcoming silos, reimagining processes and defining a phased strategy.

You need to take advantage of low code platforms and evolution to cloud within the context of legacy technologies, critical deadlines and cost constraints.

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“Mastek’s Machine Learning solution has been transformational—we have increased fraud detection by 15%.”

Amy Foster, Group Head of IT Change, International Personal Finance.

“I think their performance on Food Online has been truly exceptional . . . The quality of the application and their work has been really, really good. And generally, the reaction internally and with our wider stakeholders has been really phenomenal. And in another early project related to price-matching, Mastek development and testing work saved Morrisons more than 80 hours every day across its stores."

Nick Cooper, IT Delivery Director, Morrisons.