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Combating crisis with flexibility and agility.

Mastek's approach

The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving crisis that is likely to have significant implications on the world economy and business models. To mitigate the effects of the crisis, it is crucial that we adopt an integrated and sustainable approach that serves all our stakeholders. It is a time, to consciously implement strategic measures to safeguard our people, business, stakeholders’ interest and to participate in social welfare initiatives.

We have adopted a flexible approach, devised our action plans centred on the identified factors and aligned them to our immediate goals. This has enabled the rapid transition of our workforce, allowing Mastekeers to successfully deliver complex technology solutions from home.

Mastek unequivocally supports the world community in its efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and has adopted COVID-19 national/local advisories in its global day-to-day operations. At Mastek, we are navigating all possible solutions to ensure a safe and efficient working environment for our people.

Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience helping enterprises with their digital services journey and building efficient business operation platforms. This experience, added with Mastek’s digital infrastructure, extremely agile workforce and flexible culture ensures that we continue to achieve positive outcomes even in the current global scenario and cater to our customers with the same efficiency as before.

Leadership with Accountability

I applaud every Mastekeer for the resilience, discipline and commitment they have showcased and for continuing to deliver outstanding work for our clients.In these unprecedented times, Mastekeers somehow seem to know exactly the right thing to do.

Everywhere I look, I see Mastekeers doing exactly what they should be doing to keep things going, without any loss of productivity. This is an evolving situation and most likely we will continue to face some challenges but I’m incredibly proud of the progress we have made so far.

My deep gratitude also goes out to all our customers and shareholders for their trust in our values, services, and organisation during these difficult times. Mastek is committed to helping enterprises overcome this crisis and provide its services to any organisation looking for support to address remote working challenges.

If you would like Mastek to help you with your digital services journey, please reach out to us at

Ashank Desai
Group CEO (Interim)

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Enabling Mastekeers

Agility and Flexibility are at the core of Mastek’s business model. Our ability to quickly adapt to the emerging situation, flexible processes and availability of required infrastructure to rapidly transition our entire workforce from office/customer-site to remote working enabled us to remain on the right trajectory. This is an evolving situation- changing moment-by-moment, region-by-region—and yet Mastekeers in all geographies stepped up to make the right decisions and are following the official advisories to overcome these challenges.

Mastek’s Technology & Information Security, Facilities & Logistics, and Human Resources teams’ ongoing collaborative efforts and active support for all 3,200 Mastekeers around the world deserves a special mention for their roles in enabling normal business operations with a diverse and distributed workforce. Their efficient collaboration ensures that all Mastekeers have the necessary tools, work environment and support available to them 24*7. The right decisions and practical help at the right time is enabling Mastekeers to successfully deliver complex technology solutions from home with the same commendable efficiency and quality as before.


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Supporting our customers and creating impact

We are fully committed to supporting the global community and the IT industry to overcome this crisis. We have successfully transitioned our workforce enabling them to work from home using our digital solutions.

This was possible because of our agile culture, strategic & practical approach, infrastructure, adequate digital solutions, efficient collaboration across functions and positive outlook of Mastekeers and our customers.

Mastekeers are following all policies and processes while working from home including strict adherence to our data protection policy. We have also enhanced our cyber security systems to protect data related to all our stakeholders.

As an organisation, we have a shared vision to make a difference. We have been helping our customers in the public sector and healthcare to battle COVID-19. Just a few of our innovations are:

  • Creating a COVID-19 self-reporting app
  • Developing and implementing remote desktop solutions
  • Using Intelligent Automation to accelerate orders for essential healthcare supplies
  • Supporting our most vulnerable citizens by ensuring they are prioritised as online shoppers

Along with maintaining existing initiatives, our priority is to continue to provide rapid response solutions to help our customers in these unprecedented times.

Making a Difference

Two other emerging areas of interest at Mastek are community care and personal growth. Mastek with the help of its charitable wing ‘Mastek Foundation’ is working in collaboration with the local health agencies and NGOs on the field to provide essential aid.

We understand that a crisis like this calls for dedicated actions to protect the livelihood and provide active support for the economically weaker sections of the society. Many Mastekeers are also using the lockdown period as an opportunity to engage in professional development & wellbeing programs, and are increasingly using our digital learning tools, dedicated webinars, and Employee Assistance Program.


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