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Using our iterative DevACT approach, we help you identify where you are in your journey towards DevOps maturity, chart your best route forward and support your transformation.

Struggling to respond at scale?

Many organisations are struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing market needs.

While Development might be increasing its output, Operations can be overloaded – hindered by old, manual ways of working. Service monitoring can be inadequate and incomplete, preventing rapid recovery from outages. And existing compliance processes can act as an impediment to flow along the delivery pipeline.

If this sounds familiar, Mastek can help. Our iterative DevACT approach (Assess, Consult, Transform) provides a framework for incremental, comprehensive transformation, supporting your organisation on its journey towards DevOps maturity.

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DevACT Framework

Iterative, flexible, clearly signposted

  1. Initial review to set the context and agree the first steps
  2. Consultative assessment of DevOps maturity to agree long-term and incremental goals
  3. Hands-on consultative support to plan, set up and achieve buy-in for the transformation journey
  4. Implement transformation steps towards the next milestone. Our presence can be lightweight and advisory or scale up to help achieve the target pace of change
DevACT Framework Infographic

Chart your route to DevOps success

We have charted the common routes that organisations take as they progress from traditional software management to DevOps maturity. We have set them out in The DevOps Pathfinder.

Download your copy to identify where you stand on the spectrum from no-DevOps to high-level DevOps mastery and what your best next steps will be.

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The DevOps Pathfinder

DevOps journeys we’ve supported

Assessment, Consultation, Transformation

From guiding and supporting comprehensive DevOps transformations to finessing and optimising DevOps cultures, read a selection of our success stories in supporting customers on their DevOps journeys.

View case studies

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Our DevACT service



Proven solutions and case studies to aid assessment and planning 

Culture building

Culture building

Working closely with your staff through workshops, embedded coaching and team augmentation



Involving compliance stakeholders from the start and throughout to secure buy-in

Pipeline building

Pipeline building

Standardising your technology stack, eliminating complexity, automating pervasively


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+44 (0) 1189 035 700


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