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Modernise your application

Develop and modernise your applications

Increase the business value of your existing application portfolio so that you can ​rapidly launch new capabilities.

What we do

Application transformation strategy 

You need a roadmap to modernise your legacy applications, pull together an often fragmented portfolio and map the implications of changes in how your business and customers use applications.

Application assessment and discovery

It’s essential that you understand your full application portfolio, so that you can find ways to extend its relevance, improve functionality and resolve the business and IT risks of obsolescence.




Application evolution to cloud

Modernisation is about a gradual evolution to cloud across multiple platforms, with your applications prioritised according to analysis of their criticality to business outcomes.

Application development and delivery

Maximise your application development capabilities with a product-centric model.​ We use Agile and DevOps to reduce cycle times and create short feedback loops. Our teams bolster this with a continuous quality strategy, testing across your software lifecycle.

Replatforming on-demand cloud computing

Use on-demand capability to scale your architectural model and lower costs. Our specialists appropriately architect your environment so you can spin-up and switch off servers to support demand fluctuations and modern delivery processes—so you pay per unit and reduce your overheads.



Service design and governance

Create governance and map service patterns for common problems. We can bring automated governance and enablement strategies to scale your service design and enable the interoperability of multiple services from diverse providers and business functions.

Our alliances

Our alliances are designed to shape and drive your ability to develop and modernise your applications.

We have a defined model of how our alliances support our value propositions and we map this alongside your roadmap maturity.


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Our alliances enable​ differentiating services

Create multi-experience development platforms faster than with traditional development methods using low-code platforms and transform your legacy applications into Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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They support modern​ application development

Leverage our alliances’ expertise in ​micro-services to modernise your cumbersome applications using efficient architectures that drive release velocity and improve your ability to scale.

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They reduce the​ Impact of change

Our cloud alliances provide services that enable you to integrate your applications without refactoring your architecture, making it easier to update and faster to release new features.

  What's the answer?

    Mastek is your application evolution

    > Create an application transformation strategy 

    > Perform an assessment and discovery

    > Enable application evolution to cloud

    > Assure development and delivery

    > Access on-demand cloud computing

    > Deliver service design and governance

Our application development services

Application development

Mastek has an impressive track record of 96% on-time delivery and 2.5 times less defect density ratio compared to the industry norms.

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Application support

We enable businesses to make significant performance improvements by aligning your IT needs with business goals

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Assurance and testing

With 30+ years of experience, we are the preferred testing partner for large scale,
complex projects.

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Service management

We help you align application support and maintenance functions with an agile development approach that optimises cost.

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