Assess state of DevSecOps


Accelerating Digital Transformation demands strengthening of essential DevSecOps capabilities.

Based on the extensive work in areas of DevSecOps, we have seen majority of evaluations on DevOps state comes up with qualitative recommendations. However, it leaves a gap in terms of What and How to implement these recommendations. That is where Mastek has come up with tailored DevSecOps offerings to bridge this gap, rapidly scaleup any organization in DevSecOps journey.



Our DevOps implementations range from for Public Sector organizations to SMBs and Multi Platforms (Web Portals, API, Mobile, DW BI, Analytics).

We have industry facing accelerators which fast track your DevOps journey. Our 50+ implementations have used over 55+ Tool Integrations delivered by 115+ DevOps Practitioners.

Detailed Assessment Offering:

To determine the current state of DevSecOps and to identify improvement areas with recommendations, we have platform agnostic DevACT Framework which starts with 2 weeks of assessment.

DevACT Framework

Quickly gauge the Product or Service development engineering practices of your organization across following 5 dimensions by clicking on the button:

1. Culture

2. Business Agility


4. Technology & Automation

5. Measurement & Outcomes

Mastek's DevSecOps Engagement Enables


Reliable automated releases


Continuous Features roll out


Enables faster Go-To-Market