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Dipali Vartak on Mastek being her second home

life at mastek Dipali

Mastek gave me confidence to grow and learn, always!

I am my own boss in an entrepreneurial sense with the ability to execute ideas freely along with the responsibility and ownership that comes with it.”. 

Just out of college, post completion of her B.E in Electronics and Telecommunication from SNDT University, vibrant and effervescent Dipali, landed at Mastek with her first job. Like all her batchmates, she too had dreams of her own; to let the world know that she had arrived. And little did she know that it was here, that her long cherished dreams of accomplishment as a professional and as an individual were waiting to be fulfilled. It was back in 2002, I was just a trainee and yet the exposure that I was being given was out of the world. Within three months of my joining, I was given an onsite opportunity to work in UK. This was unbelievable, as very few get to shoulder such responsibilities right at the beginning of their careers”, adds Dipali. And thereon there was no stopping. In the next 4.5 years, she landed up with more onsite opportunities as her stupendous work and passion to surge ahead started leaving footprints wherever and whichever project she worked in. From a Trainee to a Software Developer to a Programme Analyst, a Business Analyst to now a Solutions Architect-leading pre-sales for the India market, her 16 year journey is one helluva experience in itself. “It is and has been a journey that every fresher can dream or hope for!!!!!”, she emphasizes.


Dipali has traversed multiple roles and functions which would not have been possible without her zeal and at the same time the open culture prevalent in Mastek. She strongly believes that Mastek offers its people plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. “I am of the opinion, that a company focused on open culture is the key driver of creativity, innovation and invention. Our ability to deliver excellent results is fuelled by and dependent on our ability to embed this in our corporate culture and the way we do business. Business is changing and evolving at a rapid speed. We face new challenges every day and people can find avenues to contribute here in Mastek,” she says. Mastek provides ample opportunities to interact with different sets of colleagues and teams. Service Lines are active and provide everyone working on different projects, the opportunity to interact and share knowledge. Several technical and social forums internally encourage cross-functional sharing. “We are constantly encouraged to take responsibility, always act with integrity and lead by example. In a way, I am my own boss in an entrepreneurial sense with the ability to execute ideas freely along with the responsibility and accountability that comes with it”, she adds in.



“I felt secured and safe in my second home. I was touched beyond words”

Boldness, courage, compassion and integrity are virtues she has inherited from her family and makes her a woman of substance. While at Mastek, she also found herself a second home. “I was on an onsite project in UK right from my third month of pregnancy till my eight and never did I feel that I was away from my family. My colleagues there, became my extended family and did everything possible to look after my well-being and to make me comfortable. I received warmth filled calls from the HR colleagues and my other co-workers based in India, inquiring on my health and work load. I felt secure and safe in my second home. I was touched beyond words”, exclaims Dipali. Thereon, she also goes on to talk about how Mastek helped her strike the perfect balance between being a mother and a hardworking professional. “My daughter had just turned six months old when I received a deputation role for a project in UK. It was an important one and I was looking forward to such an opportunity. But the mother in me was torn between leaving my baby behind for six months and job responsibilities in a foreign shore. Being a thoughtful and considerate employer, Mastek did not even think twice in allowing and sponsoring the passage cost for not only my daughter but also my mother, along with me”. To her, these moments and experiences add to her priceless possessions and makes her feel wanted in the entire Mastek network. She is especially thankful to her mentor and guide, Sameer Sattur, who heads India Corporate Business, to have always given her the required guidance and support. Today, as a mother of two, Dipali leads the pre-sales function in India and strikes a perfect work-life balance given the flexi time facility, strongly advocated by the CEO John Owen. Mastek, recognizes the importance of Work-Life Flexibility in enhancing performance, motivation, productivity and efficiency on a sustainable basis. Aware of the challenges employees may face in combining their personal and professional commitments, it’s goal is to enable a work environment that delivers the right tools and flexibility to suit the various needs. A trust-based approach with focus on performance and not on presentism is the way to create both excellent business results and personal flexibility that has encourages super performers like Dipali to say “You may not be the boss of the organization, but you are definitely the boss of your own work”.



““It felt very nice, to be thus heralded and given recognition by Senior Leadership Team””

Sixteen years have been an enriching experience at Mastek and at every step Dipali’s contributions and ideas have been recognized and awarded. As a star performer, she is the recipient of several MUK star awards along with a recent award that recognizes and appreciates her contribution to winning new business for Mastek in India. She is an acclaimed member of the Prism Club that focuses on creating meaningful learning and development opportunities for the top talent brass and ensuring their continued engagement with Mastek. “Learning sessions with internal & external leaders at the Prism Club gives us members a perfect opportunity to directly interact with and learn from a variety of leaders in various fields of expertise. We are infact, given opportunities to contribute to Mastek, above and beyond our specified roles while providing exposure to work in different areas of the organisation”, she says with pride. While awards and accolades are not new for Dipali, but this particular incident is what she considers as the best moment of all. “When I was quite junior Mastekeer, on a business trip to UK, one of the Senior Leaders of Organization was on the same flight and way beyond my imagination, she reached out to me calling my name and congratulating me for my work. It felt very nice, to be thus heralded and given recognition by a Senior Leader, who was also my role model.” she emotes.


I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity and freedom to essay various role in diverse functional areas and this has kept me going strong and ahead” she says. Mastek for Dipali has always been and will remain an organization where she could paint her own career canvas and write the future on her own. It remains a place for those like her who want to be self-driven as her, one is not a mere employee but an integral part. “Thus empowered I want to see myself grow into a more skilled professional to be able to take on senior leadership role in the near future.




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