MASTEK invites you to a Digital transformation, thought leadership and experience forum.


With the current background of economic upheavals, socio-medico catastrophes and constantly changing political dynamics, Public Sector organisation are focusing hard on future-ready, efficient and seamless back-office processes with a service delivery model that drives operational cost savings and improved user experiences back to the organisation and the community.

Join Jason Martin from London Borough of Lambeth and Steve Leggetter from Durham University who have firsthand experience of transformation, for this informative session, where they share their business drivers, challenges and strategies that led them to implement a Cloud solution. This collaborative session will provide you with insights into digitalisation and help you consider the best approach that will suit your organisation's digital strategy.

Key Topics

Digital in use, achieving maximum ROI from your investment

The pitfalls of Digital project implementation

Being Digital. The reality of working with new technology

The impact of 'Going Digital' on Social Value in Public Sector, from employees to the environment

What is Future Proof Technology ?


Jason Martin

Enterprise Resource Planning Programme Manager | Independent Consultant London Borough Of Lambeth

Steve Leggetter

ERP Programme Director at Durham University

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