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Webinar: How DevOps culture and process delivers quality







When: Wednesday 15th May 2019, 10:30am

- 11:00am

More organisations are considering a DevOps transformation, faced with the speed and responsiveness benefits DevOps confers on their competitors.

But businesses frequently encounter resistance to DevOps adoption due to concerns that the result will be reduced quality, weakened security and less control. The opposite is true, as Bruce Richardson, Principal DevOps Consultant at Mastek's consultancy, IndigoBlue, will explain in this webinar.

A DevOps culture requires organisation-wide changes to mind-set, processes and ways of working that greatly enhance security, control and quality.

Bruce will cover:

  • How traditional approaches to testing and compliance address the wrong issues
  • How traditional approaches to testing and compliance often fail to address the most critical issues or even sabotage delivery
  • Why properly acknowledging and tracking technical debt is key to honest assessments of quality
  • Aspects of delivery that are often overlooked in the assessment of quality
  • How DevOps culture drives quality of delivery

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