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As per PwC's Global Crime and Fraud Survey 2022, “46% of surveyed organisations reported experiencing some sort of fraud or other economic crime within the last 24 months.”

You Need to Future-Proof Your Finance Systems

Fraud, cybercrime, money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption, market abuse and insider dealing- are all financial crimes and are on a constant rise. This is mainly due to a sharp rise in online business transactions globally, both B2B as well as for the customers.

With increasingly sophisticated techniques and easily available technologies at disposal, there is no limit to the damage that a spurious contact, individual, organisation, or even a simple link may cause. Financial crime prevention and regulatory compliance software solutions are not only important but mandatory in today’s times.

Fragmented and manual systems on the other hand are killing business productivity

Today there are more than twenty anti-financial crime regulations and laws that a firm has to comply with, as against one regulation thirty years back. The firms have responded to this regulation explosion, by deploying operational systems and people as financial crime risk management solutions, as and when a new regulation is announced. This has created a plethora of processes, procedures and systems which are now hindering quick and efficient business operations. This needs to be rectified.

Mastek is your one-stop shop for transforming and delivering your financial crime risk management solutions that comply with the latest regulations, and simultaneously prevent money laundering and other financial crimes. Innately catering to best compliance practices, we provide consulting and advisory services to define the value propositions, prioritize use cases and create a roadmap for successful implementation, with our technology expertise, deep domain knowledge and delivery capabilities.

The Roadmap

Mastek offers best-of-breed capabilities to transform and adopt financial crime prevention compliance and prevention options, with reduced efforts and costs. Armed with more than 40 years of industry experience, we will analyse the financial crime management issues within your systems, helping you identify the options to address those issues. We will deploy intelligent automation, a unified platform, or develop a unified financial services data model with in-built analytical computations, to enhance overall transparency with one version of the analytical "truth" for all the stakeholders.


We will assess your existing financial crime prevention compliance and prevention systems from people, process and technology perspective using our PICASO framework to identify specific areas to focus on, for improvements.


We will identify specific actions to be taken to improve the financial crime prevention metrics and KPIs. We will help build the necessary business cases that meets ROI expectations.


We will work with you to design, develop the roadmap, and to bring in industry best practices to help accelerate the achievement of identified benefits. This could include deployment of intelligent automation, development of a unified platform or integration of a bespoke system.


We will bring in pre-built accelerators, machine learning models, industry data models to accelerate your modernization journey. We have extensive industry partnerships and we will bring in the right partners, that your context demands.

Our Offerings: Analysis, Innovation, & Delivery

Financial Crime prevention transformation is complex and requires a robust ecosystem that connects data, business intelligence systems, machine learning models, infrastructure and applications to deliver business value. At its core, these systems including the KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) and Transaction Screening, are all anomaly detection systems that operate at an immense scale, that we have a lot of experience of developing and managing.

Anti-money laundering

AML Transaction Monitoring and Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) processes in a banking or financial services firm prevent serious financial risk as well as reputational risk for the firm.

AML services generally include a 360° view of overall finances, advanced detection methodologies, and reporting of suspected money laundering activities.

Advanced KYC/CDD

KYC and customer due diligence (CDD) process helps prove the validity of a customer identity and their financial and business processes. The absence of an effective KYC process exposes the firm to greater reputational risk.

KYC Solutions generally include a holistic risk view of the customer lifecycle, including their onboarding process, analysis of their given details, and enhanced due diligence (EDD) processes.

Regulatory Compliance

Evolving times of today require organisations to follow best practices and methodologies that include effective CDD processes. The policies and procedures need to be updated with the evolving regulations. For instance - Evidence types, evidentiary sources and risk assessment parameters need to be added or updated based on the evolving regulatory landscape.

Regulatory Compliance Software provides a comprehensive regulatory reporting and filing workflow.

Why Mastek?

At Mastek, we help you partner with industry leaders, from cloud to platform providers, and help deliver solutions that are user-centric, secure, scalable and most importantly focused on real business outcomes. We will offer a solution that is suitable for your context, be it automating your existing processes using intelligent automation, creating a bespoke reporting solution or by deploying a powerful unified platform.

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