Lottery system

MHADA wanted a Transparent Lottery system for Mumbai citizens and reduce manual interventions while providing an online application facility and thus reducing the overall time from application acceptance to conducting the lottery

Client insight

Since the application to flats ratio is high Mumbai Board, MHADA conducts a lottery. Masteks program was aimed at building an Integrated Application Management and Lottery Processing System.

The challenge

  • Manual applications process and not integrated with the lottery software
  • Major performance issues with existing lottery software
  • End of maintenance period of existing lottery software.

The solution

An online, integrated and seamlessly end-to-end solution from Application Processing, Acceptance of EMD, Scrutiny of Applications , Actual Lottery and Publishing Results for Mumbai citizens accepting over 100000 applications in multiple languages.

What we delivered

  • Time taken to conduct the actual lottery was reduced to 1/10th of the old application.
  • Due to the online applications, percentage of rejections reduced to less than 0.5 %.
  • All the 9 boards could conduct lottery simultaneously using the same application.
  • Refund processing within 15 days
  • Application scrutiny process reduced to 3-4 days. 



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