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Intelligent automation Mastek

Intelligent Automation

Experience a blended workforce like never before with human and bot collaboration.

Power a digital workforce. Managed easily by your citizen developers.

We’re all being told that Intelligent Automation is the silver bullet. But diving into an enterprise-wide transformation without planning and collaboration can be a disaster.

Drive an automation culture through your enterprise with our roadmap and comprehensive guide to move you from pilot to full-scale development. We even have a bank of proven, reusable bots for common use cases.

And you won’t hit those dreaded roadblocks or unnecessary diversions. Mastek is one of three UiPath partners in the UK and Ireland to achieve the Universal Service Network (USN) certification, a recognition of our advanced delivery skills and client success.


enterprise-wide transformation

Mastek’s knowledge of RPA is excellent and the team have been instrumental in supporting Together’s RPA journey and the successes of the last 12 months.”


What we do

Contactless digital services

Contactless digital services

Give control back to your customers.

Your customers need accurate information quickly. Instead of asking them to wait for you to pick up the phone or reply to an email, use automation for contact centres, IT provisioning and access management.


Contact Centres

Wave goodbye to long delays.

Chatbots can run on a deep knowledge base to tailor their answers. You can reduce call time, improve waiting times and increase digital engagement, ultimately lifting both your reputation and customer service.

Automated IT

Automated IT Provisioning

Make remote working safe and secure.

We all know what it’s like to wait for IT to issue a new laptop. Automated provisioning takes out the manual steps completed by IT and removes a significant workload and reduces delays.

Identity and e-security

Prepare for increased cyber attacks.

Your customers’ data is precious. The last thing you need is to be hitting the headlines for a GDPR breach. Automated access management eliminates human errors and creates records for deep audits.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Get ready for shifts in demand.

Bots just aren’t about ROI, they improve employee experience and drive organisational agility. Document your employee on-boarding process, speed up applicant screening and process sick leave using bots.

Data Migration

Accelerate major updates.

Data migrations can include10,000 transactions. Manual processing at this volume is an unthinkable cost burden for most organisations. Bots can complete these 60% faster than manual processing.

Streamline your digital services and make robots part of your team.

Mastek combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI).
This is both an answer to Covid-19 and a part of your journey to being a data-driven organisation.

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Process mining

Your business applications (ERP and CRM) hold valuable data that we can use to build a deep understanding of how your processes work. You'll know what to automate and how to prove ROI.

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Task mining

Bots will create task maps using screenshots and repeated patterns from your employees as they do the same task. Your Process Definition Document (PDD) is then ready for you to start your automation.

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Document understanding

Are you tired of trawling through documents and emails? AI can boost your bots to extract, interpret, and process data from scans, pdfs, images and handwritten documents. AI can reduce errors, decrease costs and save time.

“Mastek’s Machine Learning solution has been transformational—we have increased fraud detection by 15%.”