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Reji Mathai on Mastek

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Mastek is a place where you can realise your dreams!

Moving with the team

When I look at my journey in Mastek, I find it hard to separate myself from my team. Everything we do is integrated. For example, I do retail, I do process support for Morrisons. If I don’t know something, I say hold on and go back to my team and ask them. And they suggest - this is how we can do it. If I have worked on something here and it’s successful, I can go back and tell them this is how it worked. If they find it applicable on their projects, they use the knowledge. Therefore, whatever I have achieved I have not done it on my own. It’s the team that is important.

The journey

I joined in July 2007 as a project lead. I had about nine years of experience then. I started with BT-NHS project for uk government. After that I got into the CMMI Level 5 certification project where my role was to roll out Function points across the organisation. Then I was given the opportunity to work with the Operational Excellence Team which is the process group in the organisation. I got promoted here, became Manager – Quality.

When I came here, I came from a bigger company, but I was more into delivery. After I came to Mastek I have a lot more visibility on processes, why do you need processes and how it impacts an organisation and its work. So the breadth of my knowledge has increased. Today I have a wider perspective. Being in Mastek matches my personal and professional growth.

Memorable moments

When we got CMMI Level 5 certification for the first time, I was a part of the team that did it. That was a proud moment for all of us. Then when we rebranded the Organisational Process Group as Operational Excellence Team, we developed a portal, and it was something that had not been done in Mastek before. Even now when people want to look at a state-of-art portal, they look at the OET site.

We work in the process group so we get involved in activities like Process Support, Audits, Analyzing & reporting Organization level data, in addition we are also involved in rolling out many initiatives through the organization like 4S – Best Practice Framework and the Trailblazers event where we got projects to showcase their best practices to a wider audience. They present it, the top ten are selected and they get rewarded. Basically whatever we do is feeding into the organizational goal of getting into innovations.

Going beyond

One thing I am very passionate about is getting people to have a good work life balance. This was a personal to me but I am working with two other people and we introduced a concept called Focus Time. I have heard people who say that they work before 10 am and after 6 pm. I have interviewed people who have said that they get their work done on the laptop while travelling back home on the train. Or the other example is that I was at home sick and I did a lot of work. This is not fair practice for productivity and for their personal life. So the idea is to carve out a period of time at work, where you ensure you are not interrupted, you shut off the social media, no phones, no meetings and solely concentrate on your work. In Mastek such initiatives work. If the Focus Time works, I will be happy. It was not part of my regular work, it was something different.

Here is a place that if you believe in something, you can go out and implement it. If you work hard you can do it. For example Focus Time is a simple concept but it’s meant to improve people’s lives. This is something I could not have done in my previous company. There is definitely an environment which helps a person go beyond the regular work.


With the Mastek 4.0 framework, if you want to grow in a particular direction, you will get all the support required. If something needs to be improved in the organisation and you are willing to provide the effort, not just give a suggestion but put your energy into it, Mastek will allow you to make the changes. If somebody wants to go somewhere, he or she can reach that place. We have an open culture here. I believe passionately in making Mastek grow faster and we are doing our bit towards that.

End note

As it says in the Bible, whatever you do, do it as you would do it for the Lord. So that is one of my checklist, whatever I do, I try to do it to the best of my potential, that’s one of my motivations.

Through this particular profile of mine, I am able to maintain a good work life balance, my life does not revolve around my work, my work revolves around my life – being in Mastek that’s the best thing for me. That motivates me to give my best to my work, which would justify my presence here.




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