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Data virtualisation: a brief guide

CIOs must contain costs and respond quickly to business needs with robust decision support systems.

Very often, this requires harnessing a vast array of structured and unstructured data – data which will have proliferated exponentially in recent years, with minimal governance.

One solution adopted in some organisations is to invest in a parallel business intelligence (BI) system, one that sits outside of all of the complexity. However, parallel BI systems actually introduce a whole new range of challenges and eat up investment.

The best solution is data virtualisation, the versatile "Swiss knife" in the enterprise data tool box. With data virtualisation, you can unlock value without increasing resources, processes or technology investments – no complex transformation is required to deliver results.

Our whitepaper, Data Virtualisation: a brief guide to a swift and simplified view of complex data, provides you with:

  • a summary of data virtualisation and how it works
  • an overview of when data virtualisation is viable and when it isn't
  • the use case for a flexible analytics solution
  • a summary of other considerations with data virtualisation

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Optimising mobile app accessibility

People with visual impairments and other disabilities continue to face barriers to mobile use.

Accessibility testing of mobile applications should be a priority for businesses, to ensure that mobile services are easily available to all, including those with disabilities.

This is just good business sense, ensuring your products and services reach the widest potential market. But in addition, accessibility testing will enable you to fulfil legal compliance and demonstrate corporate social responsibility, serving to enhance your brand image with customers.

In this whitepaper, we set out the main mobile accessibility requirements of differently abled users and the solutions that will help your organisation to meet those needs. We explore considerations around mobile accessibility testing and describe Mastek's best-practice approach. And we describe our approach to assistive feature testing of mobile apps using the native assistive features of the three most-used operating systems.

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The DevOps Pathfinder

It is rare nowadays for an organisation not to have adopted any DevOps technologies or practices.

Whether you are contemplating a major DevOps transformation or a modest improvement to your current software delivery pipeline, you should assess where you stand, how far you have already progressed and what challenges remain.

Without that perspective, you are at risk of progress being sabotaged by unacknowledged technical debt and poor prioritisation.

There are common stages to DevOps transformations and we have mapped these out in our whitepaper, The DevOps Pathfinder. You can use it to self-assess, comparing the challenges and goals of each stage to your own experience. It also provides practical guidance on the steps you can take to progress towards the level of DevOps maturity that's right for your organisation.

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Data Virtualisation explained

Within a typical large enterprise, different systems, data stores and data structures will have developed organically over time, presenting a significant challenge to harnessing that data to provide actionable insights and drive evidence-based decision making.

Data Virtualisation addresses this challenge by hiding the complexity and pulling heterogeneous data from different sources into an abstraction layer, allowing you to get to a single source of truth faster.

Up to five times faster, with Mastek's Data Virtualisation service. We have over 100 data integration experts who swiftly assess and make recommendations which we can then implement at speed; our jump-start kit provides reference architectures and our toolkits rapidly integrate and publish your data.

Watch this video to see how Mastek accelerates your data virtualisation journey and provides you with significant time and cost savings.

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Specsavers Transforming testing into a strategic function

Specsavers was keen to raise the strategic importance of IT testing in the business. It wanted to transform testing into an all-encompassing integrated function and not just a project-based activity.

Mastek’s flexible, can-do attitude and its willingness to adopt Specsavers’ ways of working paved the way for a partnership where three years later, the Mastek Testing team sits at the core of Specsavers’ testing centre of excellence.

Specsavers offers eye care and audiology services (optometry, dispensing opticians, hearing tests and hearing aids) in the UK, and eye care services in nine other countries in Europe and Australasia.

Thanks to Mastek, Specsavers is now equipped with a wide range of testing service capabilities that serve to balance quality with productivity. In fact, the company has witnessed a measurable return on investment in the form of a 10 percent monthly cost saving gained from its centre of excellence pool of testing professionals. Rich Kocher, Director of IT Quality and Technical Delivery at Specsavers, believes that when the company improves quality and saves cost on costly bug-fixes and rework, they are continually adding value to the Specsavers partnership and its customers.

Check out the video below to learn more about how Mastek played a significant role in Specsavers testing function transformation and gain an understanding of our Testing capabilities.

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Manheim: unlocking legacy to accelerate car sales

Digital transformation is revolutionising the business landscape, making rapid customer responsiveness a key differentiator. Manheim understands this and engaged Mastek to help them integrate new technologies with their legacy systems in order to unlock their potential to drive business growth.

Manheim is a leading UK provider of integrated products and services for the vehicle remarketing sector. Its core business systems were built in legacy technologies which offered no flexibility to add new products and services.

With Mastek’s strong track record in helping companies modernise their systems, we developed with Manheim the Auction Integrated Management System (AIMS). AIMS automates and accelerates the car auction sales process, integrating with a range of third-party systems. In addition, the new, integrated system uses cloud technologies to offer vastly improved business reporting and invoicing efficiency. A new 360° virtual vehicle tour allows customers to inspect cars before purchase. And the system has also enhanced Manheim’s legislative compliance.

All of this is contributing not only to Manheim’s digital transformation – with technology change positively enhancing the daily lives of Manheim’s workforce – but also its increased revenues, with AIMS helping to accelerate car sales to over 1M annually.

Manheim’s Phil Bradley puts this down to the Mastek’s can-do attitude, exceptional skill set and phenomenal integration with Manheim teams. Watch the video to hear more about Mastek's contribution to Manheim’s business success and find out more about our Application Development services.

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GDPR compliance on-demand webinar

In this webinar, Mastek's Sagar A Gole and Bilash Dash provide you with an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the obligations that you and all other UK organisations face, and the kinds of systems changes that are required.

The webinar uses a fictional scenario to explore and explain what GDPR compliance means in terms of managing user and customer data. It also offers an illustrative overview of the kind of IT infrastructure that you may need to put in place to manage GDPR compliance.

Whilst complying with these regulations may appear to be challenging, Sagar and Bilash explain that compliance also offers a real opportunity to drive through digital transformation and to enhance the efficiency, scalability and resilience of your IT infrastructure for more than just the sake of GDPR compliance.

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DevOps on-demand webinar

As John Wright explains in this Mastek webinar, DevOps practices, processes and ways of working offer organisations the ability to optimise Agile delivery and to greatly enhance responsiveness to customer needs.

As more and more organisations have realised, IT infrastructure has changed forever and is continuing to change. DevOps adoption is increasing every year, and it is because DevOps delivers on the promise of responsiveness – through optimised Agile development, efficient Ops deployment and embedded compliance. 

The webinar covers the core benefits of the DevOps approach and offers an overview of how different kinds of stakeholder in any given organisation benefit from its adoption.

Gordon Cullum introduces Mastek’s Slack-based ChatOps tool and the webinar provides a demonstration of ChatOps in action.

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Digital Transformation on-demand webinar

Almost all organisations recognise digital transformation to be a challenge of critical importance. However, they struggle with planning and implementing the cultural and technological changes that are required.

In this webinar, Gordon Cullum and Chandrakant Deshmukh provide an overview of Mastek's structured, repeatable approach to digital transformation, proven again and again with our customers, including financial services provider, Together.

As Gordon explains, Mastek supported Together through applying our structured transformation approach, offering expert insight, solution design and delivery support. The outcomes for Together were 150% growth in four years and the achievement of a 95% satisfaction rating from users of its new broker portal. 

The webinar covers the key elements of a successful digital transformation, including: a clear strategy; leadership buy-in; an organisation-wide capability assessment; the addressing of skills gaps; the integration of the digital strategy across the whole organisation; and all this co-ordinated through robust, incremental change management.

Gordon and Chandrakant then go on to set out the six steps of Mastek's structured approach to digital transformation, exploring each in more detail:

  • Business Model Transformation
  • Stakeholder Touchpoints Transformation
  • Service Redesign
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Data Management
  • Transformation Embedment
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Data Virtualisation on-demand webinar

This webinar will give you an overview of how Data Virtualisation provides the answer to your data integration challenges, unlocking data value for your business while saving you time and money.

Mastek’s Ashish Joshi is joined by Becky Smith from our partner Denodo, leaders in Data Virtualisation. Together, they: 

  • provide a definition of Data Virtualisation
  • summarise how Data Virtualisation is the latest advancement in the evolution of data analysis approaches
  • explain why Data Virtualisation is needed
  • give an overview of current data integration challenges and how Data Virtualisation solves them
  • demonstrate how Data Virtualisation saves time and money for organisations 

In addition, the webinar provides some Data Virtualisation use cases, describes best practices and offers an illustrative case study of a successful Data Virtualisation implementation.

To watch the webinar, simply fill in the form below.

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Data Architecture on-demand webinar

In this webinar, Mastek's CTO Gordon Cullum covers the topic of data architecture at enterprise level and explores the areas you need to consider when you are planning data integration.

This topic is now of greater importance to government departments than ever before. The Digital Economy Act 2017 has made it much easier for data to be shared and transmitted across departments, allowing for efficiencies and improvements in citizens' experience of public services.

During the webinar, Gordon explains the advantages of this new freedom for government departments and cautions on the possible pitfalls and how they can be avoided. He also provides pointers as to what should be included in your data integration strategy and roadmap, as well as setting out the areas that should be covered in any large data programme, including:

  • Data quality
  • Data gravity
  • NFRs
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Security 
  • Data Lineage
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Transform your testing: on-demand webinar

In this webinar, Mastek's Ravi Salunkhe and Percy Hilloo explore the testing challenges faced in today's IT organisations and a range of opportunities to improve the quality and time/cost efficiency of your testing.

Many organisations still struggle with the challenges inherent in a predominantly manual approach to testing, including delayed time to market, high overall costs, delayed revenue and a negative impact on brand value due to defective products and services.

There is wide recognition of the emerging need for organisations to shift towards continuous quality and continuous delivery through test automation. The benefits to organisations are compelling, including improved time to market, substantial cost savings and a higher quality of output.

Ravi explains how Mastek supports organisations to exploit these new opportunities in testing and illustrates this through our work with Specsavers, an engagement which won a 2018 European Software Testing Award in the category of Function Automation.

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