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Case Study

Developing and modernising Together’s applications

Adopting a business focused approach to application development and modernisation helps you to build critical capabilities that support business goals.

Application leaders, architects and development specialists can use application development and modernisation to progress business priorities, build agile architectures and design strategies to resolve integration and legacy issues.

Application development and modernisation strategies have already helped our clients to:

  • Prioritise applications that contribute to critical business capabilities
  • Create a business case to forecast incremental application migration
  • Implement continuous modernization to support evolving technology and business goals

Our client, Together decided to double their revenue in five years.  The applications that they used were not scalable to support the proposed business plans.  Their success relied on replacing and modernising their existing legacy systems to increase their business capability, efficiency and productivity.

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Case Study

Integrating data for a single source of truth with the NHS

Chief Data Officers need to use data as a driver of enterprise value creation. The foundation for this is accurate, meaningful data which can be easily accessed from a single source of truth.

Data can only reach its potential when it is compliant, integrated and part of a clear organisational vision with a data-driven orientation.

We have already helped our clients to :

  • Integrate multiple data sources
  • Balance strategic and tactical goals
  • Build a data-driven organisation
  • Understand information ethics and compliance

We helped the NHS Referral to Treatment (RTT) to measure performance against the operational standard—that more than 92% of patients on incomplete RTT pathways should not have been waiting more than 18 weeks from referral.

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