GDPR compliance on-demand webinar

Watch this webinar to discover how you can use GDPR compliance to drive transformation

In this webinar, Mastek's Sagar A Gole and Bilash Dash provide you with an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the obligations that you and all other UK organisations face, and the kinds of systems changes that are required.

The webinar uses a fictional scenario to explore and explain what GDPR compliance means in terms of managing user and customer data. It also offers an illustrative overview of the kind of IT infrastructure that you may need to put in place to manage GDPR compliance.

Whilst complying with these regulations may appear to be challenging, Sagar and Bilash explain that compliance also offers a real opportunity to drive through digital transformation and to enhance the efficiency, scalability and resilience of your IT infrastructure for more than just the sake of GDPR compliance.

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