Integrating data for a single source of truth with the NHS

Chief Data Officers need to use data as a driver of enterprise value creation. The foundation for this is accurate, meaningful data which can be easily accessed from a single source of truth.

Data can only reach its potential when it is compliant, integrated and part of a clear organisational vision with a data-driven orientation.

We have already helped our clients to :

  • Integrate multiple data sources
  • Balance strategic and tactical goals
  • Build a data-driven organisation
  • Understand information ethics and compliance

We helped the NHS Referral to Treatment (RTT) to measure performance against the operational standard-that more than 92% of patients on incomplete RTT pathways should not have been waiting more than 18 weeks from referral.

About NHS

The NHS is the Government-funded medical and health care services that everyone living in the UK can use without being asked to pay the full cost of the service.


  • The existing service was experiencing multiple errors in RTT data due to systemic issues, as well as dependency on manual interventions

  • It was important to run Discovery to help Trusts to report more accurately on the 18 week target

  • The requirement to provide a single source of truth meant that multiple systems that fed data into the RTT pathway for patients needed to be unified

  • It was critical to enhance the patient access journey for clinicians ​and to reduce the administrative burden of accessing multiple systems 

  • The need to comply with the Trust system Support Model (TSSM)


  • Creating wireframes for a patient timeline view and reports views during discovery

  • Running discovery workshops with users to understand the process flow and pain areas

  • Identifying data quality issues in Alpha and implementing reports to highlight errors and automating data correction using algorithms


  • Delivered a successfully Discovery and Alpha to GDS standards

  • Maintained documentation of work to futureproof the service

  • Introduced and optimised Agile


The main reason for choosing Mastek was “the cultural fit” and the fact that “we could do business with you guys."




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