Leading automation for the Ministry of Justice

IT Operations leaders can increase the agility of their infrastructure using DevOps tools and techniques such as continuous integration, continuous delivery and automation for operations.

DevOps offers the greatest benefits as a shared journey where both development and operations have to adopt new practices to accelerate business agility and fulfil organisational goals.

DevOps automation has already helped our clients to:

  • Create deep, sustainable collaboration between Operations and Development teams
  • Effect organisational change to support DevOps at scale
  • Follow an incremental approach to building capability

The Ministry of Justice is creating a new platform to develop efficient and accessible digital services to deliver access to justice using appropriate channels. They engaged us to lead the automation.

About Client

The Ministry of Justice is a major government department, at the heart of the justice system that works to protect and advance the principles of justice. Their vision is to deliver a world-class justice system that works for everyone in society.


  • A traditionally structured IT organisation, with Ops Services separate from Development 
  • New application architecture required new ways of working for deployment to succeed and scale
  • Third party Ops contractors had limited experience of continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • A low level of trust between teams created a significant obstacle to productive DevOps processes


  • Identifying process pain points and resolving them
  • Collaboratively developing a Continuous Delivery (CD) strategy and roadmap 
  • Engaging in wider communities of developers, testers, architects and security to improve collaboration
  • Building coaching into everyday working
  • Create a unified DevOps practice


  • Increased delivery velocity by 30% and improve deployment frequency by 3x
  • Drove stakeholder engagement
  • Established technical and cultural standards
  • A working culture based on trust and engagement



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