Samsonite Standardizes its HR Processes Across 33 Countries with Oracle HCM Cloud and Mastek

About Samsonite

With a revenue of $3.6 bn and 14,500+ employees, Samsonite is the one of world’s leading luggage manufacturers and retailers. For more than 100 years, they have been delivering unparalleled quality and designs for their product range that includes suitcases, toiletries bags and briefcases. They are headquartered in the US and have offices across the globe. 

Product: Oracle HCM Cloud 

Legacy system migration: Excel-based compensation sheets to Oracle Cloud 

Industry: Retail 

Project Summary

Samsonite had siloed HR processes in its offices across the geography. Also, the remote work culture made it difficult for the company to track its employees’ performance. It wanted to standardize all the processes and get the entire team on a single platform to build a connected workplace. Oracle HCM Cloud is an effective solution that bridges gap between every resource irrespective of their location. Mastek was selected as the Oracle Cloud implementation partner on the basis of industry experience and impressive track record.

Business Challenges

  • Disparate HR systems lead to little or zero visibility on reports and data. 

  • The absence of standardized processes and no single source of global HR information resulted in ambiguity and delayed strategic decisions. 

  • Global workforce was unable to discuss ideas and innovations due to unavailability of a proper collaboration platform.  

  • Extensive dependencies on the third-party vendors for system maintenance and monitoring lead to prolonged downtime and productivity loss.

Solution and Implementation

  • Implemented Oracle HCM Cloud across the business to replace excel sheets with modern and future-ready cloud applications. 

  • The prebuilt best practice rules facilitated faster and more secured implementation of the platform. This also ensured that appropriate HR policies and governance were followed across the entire organization.  

  • A fully integrated system that connected time, labor & leave management with payroll, financial and personnel data enabled the HR team to monitor the productivity and efficiency of their modern deskless workforce.  

  • Re-engineered business processes to comply with industry rules and regulations of different geographies.  

  • Leveraged AI and analytic-based dashboards for more insight-driven reports that could help with making informed decisions. 

Business Benefits

  • Samsonite now had a globally unified HR system with a single source of truth across all their offices and brands.  

  • HR leaders could monitor employees’ testing and vaccination status during the pandemic and ensure their health and safety.  

  • Decreased effort and errors for the payroll process as time-related data was now accessible from a comprehensive source. 

  • Created customized benefits packages during the pandemic to suit the specific needs of the workforce which enhanced their employee engagement ratio/quotient.  

  • Reduced time to hire and onboard new employees. Also, the new, modern UI improved the overall user experience and their hiring journey.  

  • Improved global reporting and executive dashboards to fetch real-time information & make strategic decisions. 

  • Security and access control meeting their global standards and regional compliances.