Manheim: unlocking legacy to accelerate car sales

Mastek's legacy modernisation expertise is helping drive Manheim's digital transformation

"The Mastek team integration with Manheim is phenomenal.”

Phil Bradley, Head of IT Programmes and Product Development, Manheim

Digital transformation is revolutionising the business landscape, making rapid customer responsiveness a key differentiator. Manheim understands this and engaged Mastek to help them integrate new technologies with their legacy systems in order to unlock their potential to drive business growth.

Manheim is a leading UK provider of integrated products and services for the vehicle remarketing sector. Its core business systems were built in legacy technologies which offered no flexibility to add new products and services.

With Mastek’s strong track record in helping companies modernise their systems, we developed with Manheim the Auction Integrated Management System (AIMS). AIMS automates and accelerates the car auction sales process, integrating with a range of third-party systems. In addition, the new, integrated system uses cloud technologies to offer vastly improved business reporting and invoicing efficiency. A new 360° virtual vehicle tour allows customers to inspect cars before purchase. And the system has also enhanced Manheim’s legislative compliance.

All of this is contributing not only to Manheim’s digital transformation – with technology change positively enhancing the daily lives of Manheim’s workforce – but also its increased revenues, with AIMS helping to accelerate car sales to over 1M annually.

Manheim’s Phil Bradley puts this down to the Mastek’s can-do attitude, exceptional skill set and phenomenal integration with Manheim teams. Watch the video to hear more about Mastek's contribution to Manheim’s business success and find out more about our Application Development services.