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Our growth graph in Europe has been exponential. To support our clients' needs for Oracle skills and local languages, we have opened our first Near-Shore Centre in Romania and are actively looking to build the team

Current Job Openings in Romania

We are recruiting across all Oracle domains, HCM, ERP, PaaS, Project management, Presales, Product Demonstrations to name a few. If you want to take the leap and join one of the fastest growing Oracle Partners globally and establish yourself at the start of our team in Romania and help us build our near shore-centre then complete the form below with your details and one of our HR team will contact you to discuss further.



What it Means to be an ERP Consultant

The term ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software suite that helps organizations to adapt and innovate with the ever-changing business landscape of today. ERP consultants are specialists that customize the ERP software as per the client and their business demands


How can a Finance Professional become an ERP Consultant

If you are a finance professional or a CA, and you wish to go over and beyond the limited scope of paperwork, audits, etc., ERP consultancy could be your next go-to career choice. ERP Consultants customize and support ERP Solution implementation for businesses as per their requirements and processes. Let us understand its details.


Now more than ever, it's time to listen and engage with your employees

Planning your employee experience has become all the more important during The Great Resignation. Your employee engagement and experience are the drivers of your business success as they directly impact your profitability, productivity, and retention.

Get to know us

Mastek has a people-centric culture, and our people ‘Mastekeers’ are encouraged to believe in their true potential, they are nurtured to ensure their well-being, provided trainings to upskill, reskill and cross-skill, and above all, they are involved in taking key-decisions concerning their quality of work and life. Mastek has a lean management structure, and all 6000+ Mastekeers are considered empowered leaders capable of taking informed decisions concerning their projects, work hours, planned/unplanned leaves. We follow servant leadership and hence, there is no need for a Mastekeer to seek approval for tasks that can be best managed by them. We recognise that every individual is a rational, self-managed being, and trust them for taking sound decisions for themselves and their teams.

Our people are one of our most valuable assets. Their commitment, combined with the diversity of their professional experiences, capabilities, and skillsets enables us to provide best-in-class and innovative services, suited to various business challenges. By actively investing in each Mastekeer, we aim to build an inherently agile organisation leveraging on our competent workforce.

At Mastek, all our initiatives, strategies, including our operating model encompass Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We strive to make a difference and eradicate sub-conscious bias, promote a more inclusive, diverse and equal workplace for all, irrespective of their backgrounds, gender, ethnicities, nationalities etc. At Mastek, we honour talent, and believe in equal rewards for equal work. We are blind to the physical attributes and social constructs like ‘gender groups’ that creates division. We believe that every individual is talented and unique, and we celebrate their contributions in the success of their teams and the organization, at large.

Our policy provides guidance to Mastekeers to ensure equality of opportunity, workforce empowerment, compliance and diversity in all areas of employment. We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best talent with a strong focus on training and promoting the best individual for the job basis future needs of our organisation. All areas of employment are monitored and Policies/Practices are amended if necessary to ensure that no unfair or unlawful discrimination, intentional or unintentional, direct or indirect, overt or latent exists. We encourage everyone to reach their full potential, regardless of age, gender, marriage/civil partnership status, gender reassignment, race or ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion/ belief, sexual orientation. There are ample opportunities for every Mastekeer to achieve their professional goals and thrive in a non-hierarchical company culture.

Life at Mastek

Sunder Subramaniam

Your opportunity is here with the growth machine! What are you waiting for? Join the ‘Talent brigade

Sunder Subramaniam, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Mastek Group
Vidita Bhatia

I decide my own days off and I decide my career path

Vidita Bhatia, Lead - Marketing, Mastek

Employee Spotlight | Sherwin Lobo, Mastek | Careers Decomplexed

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