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Robotic Process Automation

We enable operational innovations to drive customer experience, speed up execution and reduce costs with an emphasis on scale.

Mastek’s Intelligent Automation services ensure that all operations across every area of the business are executed at faster speed and at a reduced cost.

Organisations today are challenged with meeting the ever-increasing expectations by stakeholders. Customers are expecting services faster, better and any-time with an enriching experience. Employees want to focus on improved productivity and  quality work than mundane tasks. Modern technological innovations offers opportunities to businesses to meet and exceed the stakeholder expectations.

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What we do and deliver

RPA is a technology in which bots (robots) replicate the manual work done by humans. This could range from configuring existing applications while ensuring heritage systems are undisturbed, to capturing and evolving application processes and manipulating data. It can automatically process data, trigger responses and communicate with other systems as configured. Rule-based processes can also be easily re-configured because RPA is code-free and does not require critical programming skills to modify the pre-coded bots.

We enable operational innovations to drive customer experience, speed up execution and reduce costs with an emphasis on scale. 


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Top tips for a successful RPA Implementation

Get first hand experience of RPA implementations and pitfalls along the way.

Watch our on-demand webinar

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Our RPA Services


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Starting small

We start with a couple of functions which help you understand our approach and within 4 months we can scale to enterprise level

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Center of Excellence (CoE)

Dedicated COE with 35+ officially trained people plus 70+ resources with UI path certification and 10 FTEs dedicated across clients and geographies who document and apply best practices 

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Hybrid approach

Combines bottom-up task level automation with top-down end to end process automation whose benefits can be seen in less than a year 

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End to end support

We provide an end to end approach starting with consulting followed by planning, development and production to run the BOT's while partnering with top players

Our Proven Track Record

With Digital Transformations underway, organisations may have considered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) but be unsure of what it means for them and their existing operations. Our comprehensive approach includes enablers designed to help enterprises navigate through the challenges and opportunities on the automation journey starting from identifying opportunities to productionize the automation solution and achieve the desired RoI.

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How can we help your organisation?

+44 (0) 1189 035 700

+44 (0) 1189 035 700


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