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Modern organizations are understanding the power of the cloud and therefore are inclined to replace their legacy systems with a Cloud ecosystem. The trend is driven by the need to embrace digital transformation and make the IT infrastructure resilient for future challenges.

Mastek cloud migration and modernization services allow businesses across the globe to realize these objectives without any major disruptions. We assist enterprises in moving their data and existing applications to the cloud and promote mobility and BYOD culture. This also allows buisnesses to reduce IT debt and improve productivity and efficiency.

Why Choose Mastek as Your Cloud Migration Services Partner


Reduction in release deployment duration


Faster ROI


Improvement in deployment frequency


Annual savings in build and deployment costs


Reduction in testing time


Active DevSecOps customers

Our Offerings as Your Cloud Migration Services Partner

The cloud journey of every enterprise is different. We offer end-to-end cloud modernization and migration services enabling businesses with niche requirements to unlock required outcomes.

Enabling you to evaluate your IT landscape & identify which systems should be updated and which should be replaced. With our thorough assessment that is aligned with your business objectives, we draw a customized cloud adoption roadmap for you.

With a fair understanding of your goals, we design a cloud migration strategy that optimizes business value and adds resiliency, speed and agility into your business fabric.

Steer your business towards growth and scalability by engineering cloud solutions that are equipped with automation and self-service orchestration capabilities. We help you divide workloads across different platforms to minimize downtime and disruptions.

Maximize efficiency and optimize costs by migrating your business-critical applications to the Cloud environment. The applications hosted in the latest cloud environment ensure optimal business performance.

Building a single source of truth and improving your reporting capabilities by moving your data to scalable and secure Cloud platforms. We take a phased approach toward data migration to guarantee data security and confidentiality.

Providing training and ongoing support to ensure a seamless transition enabling your teams to effectively utilize the features and functionalities of the cloud.

Navigating through Cloud Migration Challenges

Modern organizations are focusing on moving to the Cloud infrastructure and adopting platform services to gain a competitive edge in the market. The whole journey requires a lot of planning and strategizing as business processes might be at different stages for cloud adoption.

Using our expertise and industry experience, we help you cope up with every challenge associated with Cloud adoption and migration. Partner with us today to maximize the value of your cloud investment.

Legacy Systems and Compatibility

Migrating from outdated systems to the cloud ecosystem can be complicated as many fragmented processes are involved. Businesses need to ensure that customized cloud applications are implemented without disruptions.

Data Security

Making sure that data security and confidentiality are maintained, and the compliance rules are followed during Cloud migration are major concerns. Organizations are required to place better security controls and encryption protocols to safeguard data.

Application Refactoring and Optimization

Modernizing applications for cloud-native environment requires significant efforts. Enterprises need to plan carefully to change their monolithic applications to microservices or containerization architecture.

Vendor Lock-in & Interoperability

Ensuring interoperability with other systems can be a bit overwhelming. The businesses need to ensure that they don’t lock in on a single vendor and the flexibility aspect of the cloud environment is intact.

Success Stories

NHS Amplifies Data Security by Moving to AWS Cloud Environment

Mastek, a renowned AWS implementation partner, enabled NHS to switch from its legacy EventStore system and reduce technical debt.

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Morrisons Improves Data Visibility with AWS Cloud Ecosystem

Morrisons relied on Mastek’s expertise as a leading AWS implementation partner to drive efficiency into the management of their complex supply chain operations.

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