AdvantEdge for On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Unlock the True Potential of Cloud Migration

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Successful migrations to OCI for 45+ customers

Why is there a need to migrate?

Aging / Out of support infrastructure

To enable digitalization and inclusion of new technologies

Sizable resources required to maintain the DC

Challenge in scaling up

Longer time to market

Heavy maintenance cost

Oracle Cloud - The Right Choice

Time to value

Shorter implementation projects for faster, more predictable returns on your strategic investment

New revenue models

Use the flexibility of cloud applications to quickly launch new products and services to market

Return to core competencies

Spend less time on running and maintaining technology and more time on your core business strategy

Scalability to support growth

Cloud has been tested extensively for scalability, supporting organizations of all sizes - from SMBs to large enterprises

What is AdvantEdge?

The AdvantEdge program is a proven suite of advisory services and migration accelerators for migrating on-premises systems to the cloud with minimum business disruption. This program takes inspiration from our Value-Based Delivery framework and enables us to align your cloud implementation with your organizational goals and to deliver measurable value to you. It lets you baseline and benchmark top performance indicators, convert them into measurable KPIs and assess your potential ROI from the migration.

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Why AdvantEdge?

Faster disaster recovery

2.3X lower IT cost

2.2X faster time to market

Highly scalable, 3.2X more ROI

Enhanced governance, security and compliance with audit requirements

In-depth assessment & advisory report


Inspired by our philosophy of not considering cloud implementations one-time projects but transformations that enable re-invention and innovation, AdvantEdge is a holistic program that covers all the aspects of cloud migration. We provide two types of offerings under this program -- Standard Transformation and Transform Edge.

Standard Transformation

Under this offering, we understand and resolve the problems that you as an organization are facing with regards to your IT landscape. We access your current systems using analytical tools and conduct various surveys to develop the migration path. Once the migration has been executed, we optimize your cloud systems further to ensure there are no gaps.

Transform Edge

In addition to the services under the Standard Transformation offering, we provide you with additional consulting and innovation services like chatbots, IoT, RPA, Analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to automate your existing business processes. We not only migrate your workload but also look at your existing applications and workload to suggest if you need to change something, based on the 6Rs.

Feature/Phase Standard Transformation Transform Edge
Discovery & Assessment
Discovery & Assessment
Digitalization-Innovation Technology Report
Digitalization Implementation

How AdvantEdge Works

With the AdvantEdge framework, we have laid great emphasizes on the discovery and assessment phase for value maximization. As a part of our approach, we provide complete detailed reports at the transformation level and alsoand enable digitalization on the fly, this is what differentiates the AdvantEdge program from others.

Discovery & Assessment

In this phase we use a combination of verbal surveys and technical analysis tools to understand your current IT landscape and suggest the best option for your organization. Our advisory reports are based on 4Rs so that you can optimize your cost.


This enables you to accelerate your move to the cloud and to innovate in the cloud once the move is made. This step is supported by proven accelerators and in-depth analysis of the advisory report that provides you with a detailed transformation workplan. Our solution experts will then take the ownership to move your environment to the cloud.


In this phase we ensure that you get the optimum performance from the cloud resources by fixing security gaps if any in your IT landscape. In addition, you also get detailed insights on how you can optimize security and reduce cost.

Leverage Expertise

15+ years of experience in cloud implementation across industries

200+ domain experts to ensure that the solution is embedded with industry best practices

Unparalleled post-implementation support

Successful migrations to OCI for 45+ customers

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