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Value-Based Delivery: The Future of Cloud Is Here

Every business is unique and so are its requirements. Therefore, the value sought by each is also different in terms of their industry, market, and cap size, amongst others. As most futuristic organizations are pursuing a ‘cloud-first’ policy, it enables them to seamlessly incorporate business capabilities like newer and enhanced digital experiences, mobile payment systems, personalized services, improved workforce, etc. within their work fabric. But, when you make big investments in your cloud, you ought to know the true returns on this investment that it would provide.

With the Value-Based Delivery (VBD) framework, Mastek aims to collaborate, discuss, and help finalize KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) allowing you to effectively measure and monitor the progress and success of your implemented solution. We are with you in every stage – Net New (New to the Journey), In-Flight (Ongoing Transformation), and Existing (Already Gone-Live) to ensure a seamless experience. Our VBD framework is supported by proven accelerators that will strategically support you with a smoother, risk-free transition experience.

The Strategic Viewpoint

Mastek’s digital business solutions combine powerful business applications, comprehensive core services, and sophisticated cloud infrastructure to support value creation. Our Value-Based Delivery framework includes features like outcome-based contracting as well as outcome-based delivery to ensure that you receive maximum ROI on your investment.

How Does It Help You

Mastek does not believe in transformation as merely a one-time activity, but rather as a process of re-invention and continuous innovation. Value-Based Delivery is a suite of proven advisory services and transformation accelerators supported by our experienced business analysts and certified consultants that ensures.

  • Simplified and standardized business processes

  • Improved user experience

  • Improvised and seamlessly integrated self-service options

  • Faster and accurate financial processes

  • Informed decision-making at all levels

  • Accelerated automation

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Why Value-Based Analysis (VBA) is the Tool You Should Have?

VBA is an efficient way to realize measurable business value by assessing and determining the effective KPIs from our suite of already existing 185+ KPIs and other measuring indexes. With several options for Process Optimization, System Adoption, Information Output, Audit & Compliance, and Reconciliation, it helps outline baselines, benchmarks and segregate effective duties on the way.

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