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Enterprise Workforce Scheduler allows you to schedule virtually any job. You can automate everything - including absent management, flexible time and labor entries, workforce health and safety, etc. Through an easy access mobile app, helping reduce manual toil and intervention.

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Seamless Integration with Oracle HCM, Oracle Payroll and Oracle Projects

Enterprise Workforce Scheduler is equipped with in-built integrations for Oracle HCM, Oracle Payroll and Oracle Projects, facilitating easy data transfers - without any human intervention. Approved Overtime and Regular Hours can also be easily transferred to Oracle Payroll once timesheets are approved.

Integration with Biometric Device

In the case of open API, employee punch data can be integrated with Enterprise Workforce Scheduler or imported through CSV/Excel files. It allows in-built clocking solutions to be easily integrated with the biometric system as well.

Auto Roster on Demand

Enterprise Workforce Scheduler is equipped to handle all roster demands based on the Cost Center/Department, Job Roles, Locations, etc. It checks the staff availability, their preferences, roster rules and manpower laws of given legislation. However, the scheduler can always add/remove staff from roster based on the actual demands. A detailed view is available to check Demand v/s Scheduled v/s Actual work.

Quick Roster

There may be cases where the scheduler has to deal with unforeseen demands of staff to complete a specific job. It's almost impossible to check the staff availability with the required skills on a manual basis. Enterprise Workforce Scheduler's 'quick roster' feature helps find the best suitable and available staff with a comprehensive view in just a click.

Dynamic Job Rotation Plan

The Job Rotation feature of Enterprise Workforce Scheduler enables the production system to cope with the fluctuating market demand by exploiting the benefits of flexible workforce. It provides an engaging work environment for employees by reducing the repetitive tasks and enabling efficient allocation of assembly tasks to the authorized operators, at any point of time, leading to better workload management, thereby achieving 'dynamic line balancing'.

Enterprise Workforce Scheduler generates alternative rotation schedules and evaluates them against predefined criteria. This feature is convenient to a great extent for manufacturing and hospitality sectors where a staff member holds multiple skills as the demand is always fluctuating.

Copy Shifts from One Staff Member to Another

Enterprise Workforce Scheduler allows the user to copy the entire schedule of a staff member to another just in a few clicks.

Self Service Dashboard

Staff can find their detailed schedule on the dashboard. This includes Scheduled Time, Cost Centre, Job Role, Punching Hours, Offs, Permission Requests, etc. They can also raise permission requests like Over Time, Shift Swaps, Official Off, and Personal Off. This request will then route through a configurable workflow.

This enables managers to focus on their staff's productivity rather than doing admin work like managing rosters, timesheets.

Team View

A comprehensive Team View is available on the manager’s dashboard to monitor various KPIs of the team. Managers can see short hours, long hours, absenteeism, etc. of the staff in a calendar view. Moreover, pre-applied ‘Roster Validation’ options helps managers reduce overtime and overscheduling issues.

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