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There are excellent reasons why Salesforce is the most used integrated CRM in the world. It’s fully configurable and customizable. With a full suite of industry-first applications, a pre-wired data lake, and AI-supported analytics, it replaces disconnected, one-size-fits-all apps with a unified, single platform solution that scales with ease. But it can be challenging to use right “out of the box,” and carries a steep learning curve. We can help.

With over a decade of Salesforce experience, and a Center of Excellence headquartered in the U.S., we’re service experts who take service to a whole new level. With our proven effective Roadmap to Results, our team adds their expertise to your team to craft innovative solutions that answer your organization’s operational challenges today and grow as you grow.

Drive efficiency, growth, and user experience across your entire enterprise. With Mastek’s expertise and Salesforce’s powerful ecosystem of interconnectable applications, you can create a 360° view of your customers, reach them across multiple channels, streamline operations, and achieve your desired business outcomes fast.

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  • Create a unified, 360° picture of your customers.

  • Streamline your sales process and increase cross-departmental collaboration.

  • Eradicate disconnected apps and data siloes, reducing costs and administrative burden.

  • Develop rich, omni-channel experiences for your customers.

  • Reduce bad data with zero-copy architecture and position your data to leverage machine learning.

  • Stay secure and in compliance with pre-built industry specific solutions.

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Discover how to streamline your processes, enhance customer engagement, and drive business growth with Salesforce's powerful features. Learn from real-world success stories and gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape. .

Success Stories

Arizona State Department embraces Cloud

The Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) is dedicated to the management of state-owned lands and property.

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Banner Health Rolls Out the Red Carpet for its Members

By teaming up with Mastek, Banner Health improves patient experiences by making medicare enrollment easier.

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Liveops Tightly Integrates Several Platforms to Reduce Technical Debt

With Mastek’s customized services and integration expertise, Liveops was able to save 6,000 workhours/year.

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Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs Deploys Modern Platforms

Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs was able to embrace data centricity and improve system security.

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Microchip Technology Improves Team Performance

Microchip Technology enhances efficiency, boost collaboration and fosters communication with Mastek and Salesforce Cloud.

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Industrial Commission of Arizona Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Industrial Commission of Arizona automated their workflows and gained business intelligence with advanced reporting and analytics.

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Service Line Offerings

Core Industries

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Public Sector/Government Services

  • Higher Education

  • Commerce

  • High Tech/Manufacturing

Core Business Functions

  • Customer 360

  • Salesforce Industries

  • Data Cloud

  • Marketing Cloud

  • MuleSoft

  • Community Cloud, Service Cloud

Major Services

  • Legacy System Modernization

  • User Experience (UX/UI)

  • Solution Architecture & Future Planning

  • Omnichannel Outreach Capability

Integration & Analytics

  • Process optimization & automated workflows

  • Data Migration

  • On Premise to Cloud

  • DevSecOps

  • Machine Learning/Generative AI

Support & Managed Services

  • Maintenance & Updates

  • Incremental Improvements

  • Repairs/Reworks

Our proven effective roadmap to results ensures that we understand your digital solutions are designed with YOUR business outcomes in mind.

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How Banner Health Pioneers Innovation in Member Experience

An organization that focuses on delivering a red-carpet experience to their members across all the major touchpoints of the member journey is a standout.

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From Legacy To Legendary

Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) determined to employ a cloud first technology strategy to improve Front End operations and eliminate its largely manual processes.

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So You’ve Implemented Salesforce, Now What?

Organizations invest in tools such as a CRM like Salesforce with the best intentions of using it to streamline operations, only to have it remain largely unused six months to even a year or two down the road.

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