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Unlock the power of your data.

Every Mastek data transformation is delivered using Agile to deliver democratised insight for swift decisions.

What we do

Strategy and​ architecture

Your customers expect you to use their data dynamically, to know what they need, when they need it and how to optimise your services for them.

Data warehouse​ delivery

You need to build data ecosystems to create new value from vast oceans of data, to unleash your full potential and to enable a single source of truth.  

Cloud integration

It’s essential that you use the power of technology to create a futureproof foundation for your data products in a disruptive world.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Explore the metrics and KPIs that will make a difference in your business. ​Our solutions provide you with the democratised insight you need to make swift and responsive business decisions to improve your customer experience.

Data insight and innovation

Use your data to look into the past and shape your future. We take your intelligence and build data virtualisation solutions to unlock your information for modelling, predictive analytics, behaviour insights and Artificial Intelligence. 

Security and governance

Understand the implications of access to your data. Our specialists know how to protect your data from unauthorised users and to manage your assets in line with industry best practices and guidelines.

Our alliances

Our alliances are designed to shape and drive your ability to unlock the power of your data.

We have a defined model of how our alliances support our value propositions and we map this alongside your roadmap maturity.


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Our alliances have a flair for data discovery

Our data analytics alliances democratise your data. Ask your data questions, establish its meaning and harness it for predictive analytics.

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They are the foundation for your future

Data is the starting point for innovation. Use cloud to manage your data from multiple sources and launch your data disruption.

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They safeguard your data and ensure​ governance

Our penetration testing, security and identity authentication alliances stop unverified users and guarantee your regulatory compliance.

   What's the angle here?

    Mastek is the data differential.

    > Build strategy and architecture 

    > Deliver a data warehouse

    > Accelarate cloud integration

    > Optimise Agile for data transformation

Our data services

Business intelligence

Derive meaningful insight from enterprise information with our data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics services.

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Data virtualisation

Discover how Data virtualisation helps take the pain out of data integration to deliver insights quickly.

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GDPR compliance

Get GDPR compliant with confidence and fastrack the route to data compliance and security.

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