Avoid the Holiday Crash with Performance Testing for Your Website

If your site went down on Black Friday, what would that cost you? In sales. In fixes. In customer loyalty.

Estimates suggest the recent Amazon outage cost $2.5M+ in sales in fewer than 15 minutes. They joined brands like Lowes, H&M, the Gap and others who suffered online outages during their biggest sales days in 2017. As a critical path that connects your offerings to your audience, your website’s value is immeasurable.  It connects your key stakeholders to information and resources and first impressions count–lasting impressions drive business. According to a July 10, 2018 report from Hosting Facts, $0.56 of every dollar spent in an offline store is influenced by a digital interaction. Whether Black Friday, quarter-close or another significant event, you want to know that your site can handle the stress and load of extreme traffic and demand. A single day can make or break some businesses.

Using open source tools such as JMeter and OpenSTA as well as commercial tools such as BlazeMeterHP LoadRunner, and WebLOAD, many organizations are able to pressure test their site before the big day to understand:

  • Maximum number of concurrent users your site can handle
  • Performance of static and dynamic resources and web dynamic applications
  • Handling of web servers on different load types including throughput and standard deviation

The process can take as few as four weeks and can fluctuate in cost based on considerations like the number of scripts created/run, testing across distributed loads, the recording of scripts and the number of users used in the test. BlazeMeter, one of the tools we use to test, will generate clear reporting to understand areas that require tuning.

BlazeMeter Report

We offer performance testing to help you enter the holidays with a greater degree of confidence…and stay off the 2018 list of outages. Our commerce experts can work with you to set up, run and review the written results from your tests with JMeter and BlazeMeter, as well as remediate any potential issues. We created a Performance Testing FAQ to answer the most common questions we hear. We’d love to help you prepare for your best sales day ever.