Digital Strategy

Create a frictionless customer experience strategy

Deliver higher levels of customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and a superior customer experience.

We do more than just build cutting-edge digital platforms. From designing a customer journey map that accounts for all the ways you can exceed your customer expectations to building the digital experience to support it, our approach is truly comprehensive.

Digital Roadmaps

Creating forward-thinking and innovative digital roadmaps

Develop a clear roadmap that is actionable and aligned with your unique enterprise digital journey and customer experience needs.

Commerce transformation is not just about implementing and modernizing your commerce platform. Your roadmap should consider all the components that will result in consumer ease of shopping and delight including search, omnichannel experiences, UX, analytics, and others.

We deliver digital roadmaps that get you to where you want to be.

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Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) & Design Thinking

Closing gaps in the customer journey for increased business and loyalty

Keep your customer at the heart of your digital transformation.

In the digital era, organizational processes, structures, and technology solutions have to be designed with the customer at its center.

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) creates a shared vision of customer needs across the organization and prioritizes those needs by visualizing and understanding the interactions a customer has with your company over time and across channels.

While growing your business is the end goal, the path to reaching more customers is far from linear. As the number of digital touchpoints continue to grow, it is more necessary than ever to understand how all these touchpoints interact with your business.

The customer journey could begin in many different places—social media, search engines, paid advertising—but how do ensure customers reach the next step that will best serve them? Our team can help map out all of these touchpoints in one cohesive visualization so you can follow the journey from acquisition, to conversion, to returning loyal customer.

Have brick and mortar stores in addition to your online business? A customer journey map can help tie gaps in the customer experience so that you can better serve your customers.

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UI/UX Design and Transformation

Creating a memorable connection between your brand and your customers

Transform the look and feel of your online commerce site to deliver a best-in-class experience that is intuitive and stands out from the competition.

When all of your competitors are a mere click away from your customers, you need a seamless user experience that leaves no doubt that your users have come to the right place. Even the most appealing product offerings can fall flat with customers if the shopping experience is subpar. Our team knows that while an optimized UX can increase conversion rates, your experience is also synonymous with your brand.

Whether building a user interface from the ground up or transforming your current experience to one that is truly exceptional, we can help realize your vision. From the second users hit your site to the order confirmation screen, our team can help enhance your brand’s reputation every step of the way while optimizing for maximum conversions.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Find your way to the top of the search results with a smart SEO strategy

Search engines serve up billions of search results every day and Google alone delivers 1.2 trillion results each year.

Let our SEO experts who are fanatically focused on improving search results, put their skills to work for you.

An easy way to get started – a site audit.

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DXL saw a 25% increase in SEO conversion rates within one year after implementing the results of our search audit.