Driving Revenue with B2B Cloud Commerce

Are you a B2B business wondering how to tap into growing your revenues with eCommerce?

Just JUMP!

This is the message from Paul Zaher, VP of eCommerce, WestRock, a $19B manufacturer of paper and paper-based packaging solutions.

“Go ahead! Get started! It’s ok to start small, adapt, and keep adding to it,” said Zaher who was a participant in a video podcast co-hosted by TAISTech with Mike Graziano, Senior VP of Sales and Client Service, and Jay Atkinson, B2B Evangelist, Oracle.

But make sure you’re addressing pain points, either the pain points of your customers or your employees.

“You don’t want to just put up a site that doesn’t do anything, find the pain point and do it,” added Zaher.

WestRock dipped their toe in the B2B waters two years ago with a portal that gave customers’ insight into order history, order status, etc., across the multiple companies that they own.

This effort required an integration that aggregated data from 20+ ERP systems into a single view for the customer.

In 2019 armed with the proof that a digital channel was indeed beneficial for customers and employees’ abilities to service those customers, WestRock added full commerce functionality with plans to expand.

The combination of Oracle Commerce Cloud and TAISTech has been a winning combination for WestRock. TAISTech provided the customizations required by the project.

“Don’t be afraid to go outside for talent. A lot of businesses that haven’t gone into commerce of any kind don’t yet have the expertise in-house. Leverage your business SME’s and add to that with skillsets, UI/UX designers, and partners like TAISTech,” Zaher shared.

Keeping true to their word, WestRock plans to continue expanding its eCommerce footprint confirming what analysts at both Gartner and Forrester have predicted: Explosive growth in B2B commerce.

“Bring in the talent you need to make it successful, find the pain points, and get going,” concluded Zaher.

In other words, just jump!

Need some assistance with the leap into eCommerce? TAISTech would be delighted to chat about the skillsets we bring to the table – everything from the right strategy, UI/UX, to the deep technical expertise to ensure it all works. Reach out today.