Created best-in-class customer experience with digital commerce transformation​

FULLBEAUTY Brands, the most trusted, comprehensive resource for plus-size women and men seeking fashion inspiration, style advice and clothing tailored to individual needs, selected Mastek, as a long-term partner for their ecommerce initiatives. 

Powering eight distinct fashion sites, FULLBEAUTY Brands has built its growing business with a strategic roadmap founded on customer-centric initiatives and best in class technology choices.

FULLBEAUTY Brands worked with us to embrace a canonical API-based approach to modernize their legacy applications using MuleSoft and have optimized the flexibility inherent to this model to expand functionality and visibility across the business.

We executed a robust DevOps process to ensure Continuous Development/Continuous Integration (CD/CI) initiatives are delivered with the technical and operational support needed for success. Modern product information and product lifecycle management enterprise applications were integrated in the ecosystem by hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The implementation of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which powers the core commerce platform for FULLBEAUTY Brands websites, was seamlessly executed by Mastek using an onshore/offshore agile development model.

Our work resulted in improved website page load performance, platform stability, personalized customer experience via enhanced real-time AI/ML data-driven product recommendations, and an overall holiday readiness from both a technical and business perspective. Both website and MuleSoft middleware API’s had zero downtime during peak times resulting in best in-class customer experience.

/ Salesforce Commerce Cloud
/ MuleSoft
/ DevOps – AWS

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