Mastek, formerly TAISTech, and commercetools Announce Partnership

Today, Mastek Americas, formerly TAISTech, announced a partnership with commercetools, a leading headless, microservice-based commerce platform that provides a suite of SaaS APIs for cutting-edge digital B2C and B2B customer experiences.

Through this partnership, Mastek will offer the commercetools’ API-based commerce platform to usher clients into a new era of digital commerce for both B2B and B2C clients alike.

The commercetools framework provides businesses with the ability to innovate however they choose unfettered from the constraints of a monolithic platform.

Innovate, Compete, Cultivate Loyalty with a Microservices Platform

With the ecommerce space being intensely competitive, digital enabled businesses need every innovative edge possible to outperform the competition and garner customer loyalty.

For businesses tied to a traditional all-in-one commerce platform, options for innovation can be limited.  This is especially true for “non-traditional” digital enterprises that don’t fit the mold of a typical off-the-shelf commerce platform.

The commercetools platform is deployable as a set of consumable commerce-related microservices that connect to any front-end UI or DXP and any back-end business systems.

Each commerce microservice can be consumed directly or independently extended to enable new channels, new business processes, or new devices about four times faster than traditional all-in-one monolithic commerce platforms. 

With this kind of flexibility, websites can be made with the systems and services of your choosing.

So, what does this mean for your business?

Build Your Customer Experience as Your End Consumers Demand It

Build your customer experience as your end consumers demand it.

With a headless platform like commercetools, front-end developers have the freedom to implement any experience they choose, with code libraries that are fit for purpose.  The backend can be powered by your preferred development tools and solutions while commercetools manages all commerce and self-service APIs (300+ endpoints) .

On top of this, commercetools has the ability to connect all of this to your native mobile app, brick and mortar stores, social networks, and more.

The benefits of the freedom offered by a headless platform are numerous.

With no restrictions on front-end design, your ecommerce site can be designed from the ground up rather than working in the more rigid structured templates of an all-in-one solution.

The ability to align your digital experience with the rest of your enterprise or brand market presence is limited only by your imagination.

Gone is the disconnect between sleek marketing and an out-of-the-box online shopping experience.

Mastek, formerly TAISTech, has a strong track record of implementing powerful digital solutions for its clients, and the partnership with commercetools will only further empower our ability to provide true digital transformation.

Learn More – Video Podcast

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